If you've considered undergoing surgery to soften the masculine features of your face, then you've probably looked into facial feminization surgery. This type of surgery is commonly done on transgender women as part of a transition to the female sex. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring that you make a good candidate for this type of surgery.

You Have Masculine Facial Features

Obviously, the first factor that will qualify you for this type of surgery is if you have masculine facial features. These are features that are subconsciously viewed by people as being masculine. Some examples are the size and shape of the hairline, eyebrows, nose, brow bone, lips, jaw, and cheekbones. Realize that everyone's face is different from the next and some may show more masculine features than others.

You Have Good Physical Health

Most surgeons will only perform this type of elective cosmetic surgery on patients who have good physical health. Those who have existing health issues can be at a higher risk for surgery. It's best to be honest with your cosmetic surgeon to ensure your safety during the procedure. They'll want to take a full medical history before allowing you to undergo facial feminization surgery.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic surgeons are very particular when it comes to discussing expectations with clients. They don't want to have clients who think that cosmetic surgery is going to change the world. Rather, they want patients who have a fairly decent expectation of what the outcomes of the surgery are going to be. This way, the patient is most likely satisfied with the surgical results.

You Can Afford It

Facial feminization surgery is considered an elective type of surgery. Therefore, most insurance companies will not cover it. You'll need to be able to handle the financial cost of undergoing the surgery before a surgeon will schedule you. This type of surgery can range anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000. The exact cost of this surgery is going to highly depend on the number of features that you have changed. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to give you the actual cost of surgery when you discuss it with them.

Undergoing facial feminization surgery is a big decision for anyone. Once you decide that it's the right option for you, you need to ensure that you're a good candidate. If you meet the prerequisites above, you should be more than capable of finding a cosmetic surgeon that will take on your case.

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