You need not to sleep in a cozy hotel room just to avoid your snoring partner and get the amount of sleep you deserve. If you only know how to stop snoring, then sleeping away from home will no longer be needed.

But before you can put an end to snoring you need to find out what type of snorer your partner is. Is he a mouth breathing snorer? Perhaps he is a nasal snorer? Maybe he is a tongue snorer? Not sure? Well, we have listed a few methods that can help you determine what type of snorer he is.

For Nasal Snorers

In this method, ask your partner to look in a mirror and press one side of his nostril. After which, with his mouth closed, let him breathe in the opposite nostril. If he can breathe properly with his mouth closed, he is definitely not a nasal snorer. Otherwise, he could be one. Just to be sure, you can let him perform the test on both nostrils.

Don’t worry if you find out he is a nasal snorer. There are solutions available. Snoring devices that clear the nasal passages can be used, such as air purifiers, nasal strips, and nasal dilators.

For Mouth Snorers

To test if your partner is a mouth snorer, ask him to open his mouth and make a snoring sound. And then, ask him to make a snoring sound again. But this time, his mouth should be closed. If he can make that exact sound when his mouth is open, then he could be a mouth snorer.

Again, it is nothing to be worried about. It can be resolved. Anti-snoring mouthpieces, snoring pillows, and chin straps can be used.

For Tongue Snorers

Once the tongue blocks the airways while sleeping, it could result in tongue snoring. However, just to test, let your partner make a snoring sound with his tongue out as far as possible. Next, let him get a hold of his tongue using his teeth. If the snoring sound is not loud, then it could be possible that the tongue position is causing all that snoring.

To put an end to snoring caused by tongue obstruction, it is often advised to use tongue restraining devices, snoring pillows, and anti-snore mouthpieces.

Putting an End to Snoring

Once you have figured out what type of snorer your partner is, it would be easier for you to look for a solution to the problem. But if you think and feel that there could be something more serious behind all that nocturnal noise, then visit a sleep center and seek professional diagnosis. Be sure you prepare for the costs, too!

Always keep in mind that these snoring issues aren’t always caused by one issue. And sometimes, the remedy may require more than just a snoring pillow. To get accurate and reliable results, it is best that you consult a sleep expert. He can discuss a more customized solution to turn sleeping in silence a dream come true.

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