When it comes to surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, you should not compromise on anything at any cost; your life is already at stake. After all, it is a big decision that you are about to take with which you would be spending, if not the rest of it, most of your life with. So, it better be a well-planned one.

A fruitful surgery will definitely leave you feeling more beautiful about yourself; gifting you with lifelong confidence! Then again, winding up in the hands of an unpracticed specialist builds your odds of having poor outcomes, which can prompt extra costs, time, and despair.

“We believe that great results stem from a marriage between the newest medical advances and an artist’s touch”, says Dr. Frank Soto Leon and Dr. Jennifer Tighe de Soto, founder of Omaha Imagen Body Sculpting. However, picking a liposuction specialist who is very much prepared, talented and an expert at what he does unquestionably require watchful consideration.

1. Your surgeon should be a veteran in his expertise

Ask yourself a question here, would you rather choose a surgeon for your liposuction surgery that has little to no knowledge or experience about performing a cosmetic surgery or would you choose a surgeon that has taken care of liposuction surgeries and emergencies for most of his career? Having said the above, it is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon who has significant training in cosmetic surgery rather than someone who only has ample knowledge in preventing liposuction complications.

2. Make sure the surgeon is board certified in a surgical field

It has been observed that many surgeons with common surgery or some other medical training jump onto providing their services in the field of cosmetic surgery, which is completely different, in a desire to earn a handsome amount of living for themselves. It is your right as a patient to demand a liposuction surgeon to be well trained in the diagnosis and backup management of any liposuction complication that may occur during the surgery and may possibly lead to lethal damages.

Consider a surgeon who is board certified in cosmetic surgery and has a significant understanding and practical experience in the procedure being well-thought-out by you.

3. Check out his records; how many patients does he treat a week?

Undoubtedly, you do not want to go under the knife by a surgeon who is performing his first liposuction surgery! Never fall for the fancy terminologies a surgeon uses while talking about his career and experience with liposuction surgeries. Therefore, it is important to investigate the number of actual surgeries that he has performed throughout his medical journey as a cosmetic surgeon. A surgeon who performs just a couple of liposuction surgeries every year probably would not be as skilled as a surgeon who does liposuction surgeries on, at least, three patients every week.

4. Big-headed surgeons never make good surgeons

It would not be wrong to say that arrogance can absolutely drive a surgeon to take his worst decisions. Be careful with and beware of any clinic that publicizes itself as having the best trainings and techniques to do liposuction surgeries. The patient's most essential concern ought to be to pick a liposuction specialist whose essential concern is wellbeing of his patient. Maintain a strategic distance from careless surgeons who trust their experience licenses them to endeavor extremely substantial liposuction techniques.

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