No matter how you look at it, men think about woman. From north to south, men set their brain to work about their worth. From east to west, men put on their thinking cap to form an idea of their best in the mind. Men think of women as wives and lovers and daughters and mothers. But there is a song every man must sing, a heavenly joy you must experience in marriage.

In this brain age, it is time to fall in love. It is time to experience this state of well-being. It is time to get married to the right woman. If you are ready to find the right spouse, find out how to know she is your woman, please read on!

If you like doing thing the fun way, if you desire active consciousness or the faculty of mental concentration, if you want fond attachment or the affection and tenderness felt by lovers, if you want warmly commending agreement and the idea that romance conveys to the mind; you must marry a spouse with right inner nature.

If you really desire action or speech intended to amuse or arouse you to show mirth, joy or scorn with a smile and usually explosive sound; you must marry a woman who has it right.

She has the ability to bring together or form as a whole or combination, as for a common objective in acceptable manner. She is dominated by, prone to, or moved by subjective response and easily affected by people`s condition of mind resulting from inherent feeling. She is good at responding to that aspect of consciousness resulting from the stimulation of a nerve process beginning at any point in the body and passing through the brain, especially by those stimuli affecting any of the sense organs, as hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight. She is adept at producing new things and ideas. She has deep creativity that can fill your world with fun and wants accomplishment of target that is usually high level of merit.

The easiest way to know if she is your woman is to see through her inner nature. Her individualism must improve your personality.

You can recognize her when you see her. The complex of especially mental and emotional qualities that distinguish her will help you find her.

She has the following characteristics:

a. Not light or having a lightheartedly silly nature.

b. Quiet, thoughtful, not laughing or making jokes very often, and always being sensible.

c. Showing great interest in or commitment to an endeavor or skill.

d. Thoughtful and sympathetic mature.

e. Polite and courteous approach.

f. Extremely careful and precise.

g. Clean, neat, and well-dressed looks.

h. Intelligent and knowledgeable.

i. Analytical, gifted and self-disciplined.

j. Industrious, self-sacrificing and calm-quiet.

k. Easy going, dependable and objective.

l. Efficient-organized and practical.

m. Funny and witty.

Now that you know her dispositions, you can recognize her when you see her. Go ahead and find her! I wish you the fun you desire in marriage.

Copyright © Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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