I am putting up this write up because a lady honestly wanted help for her man who doesn't last more than 2 minutes.
I need to state that this should never be used by men to punish their partner. It should be used solely for pleasure and satisfaction.

To last long in bed takes a little bit of discipline on the part of the man. As a man, you need to master how to clench your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.

If you are hearing that for the first time, there's no problem. The pc muscle is what you use to stop urinating. It runs from the Base of your joystick to the anus, but it is not your anus muscle.

You need to clench this muscle as if you are trying to stop urinating. Do this clench and hold for like 2 seconds and release the clench. You have to do up to 30 clench 3 or 4 times everyday for 2 days.

By the third day, you should be clenching for 5 seconds for 20 rep 3 times a day. You can even increase the clench time to 10 seconds or up to a minute. You must clench with some force.

The beautiful thing about this is that you can clench anywhere - at work, in a queue, when lying, when driving etc,. But please don't overdo it so as not to make the pc muscle sore. It is a very sensitive muscle!

Now, here is the use, during coitus, at the point of no return when u are about to ejaculate, you have to clench your pc as hard as you can (while you stop thrusting). You will achieve orgasm but you will not ejaculate.

What this means is that you will experience all the pleasure of ejaculation but semens will not be released. For some, a little semen will be released. But you will realise that you still have

the desire and strength to continue and will continue. With this skill, you can make love for as long as you and your partner want with both of you experiencing what is called multiple orgasm.

For learners, you may clench and still fail to stop ejaculation but don't worry you are learning. Don't be discouraged! Many of us failed the first time but we soon learnt it and have been using it.

Please note that the best position to easily master clenching during coitus is when you kneel down and use missionary, any other position will fail you. You have to master clenching from the missionary position very well before any other position.

This clenching, also known as kegel, can be used by any man irrespective of age or joystick size to satisfy any woman.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, drop them and don't get offended if I don't reply on time. I'm actually in a different time zone.

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