Some projects can be more tiring than others. In fact, some can turn out to be pretty exhausting pieces of work for everyone involved in them. This is particularly true on those projects that go on for months on end.

If you are leading a tough project then you may need to think about how to drive on a tired, jaded team at times. This is a major challenge but there are some sensible ways of dealing with it that you should know about. The following are some of the main points to take into account and can be found on a PRINCE2 course.

Make It More Interesting

Are the tasks involved in this project just a little bit dull? No one wants to struggle through boring tasks day after day without any sign of a light at the end of the tunnel. If this is currently the case then you should be looking to do all that you can to help out.

This can mean finding new ways to work, trying out new technology or letting people work from home whenever they want to. If a project team member is happy in their job then there is far more chance of them enjoying it and carrying it out to a high standard.

On the other hand, bored and restless workers can cause you a lot of problems unless you do something about it. Look out for the signs that people are getting bored with what you ask them to do.

Switch Team Members

Might they be tired and jaded because they have been working in the same way for too long? Anyone can eventually get bored of seeing the same old faces in front of them every single day.

In this case, it is a good idea to switch things around. This lets people get to know different colleagues and can help to freshen up the whole project. A few simple changes can make a huge difference in this respect.

Help Them to Increase Their Skills

If your team members feel that they are stagnating then this is sure to be another reason for them feeling tire and jaded. We all like to feel that we are constantly progressing and learning at work. Once this stops, it can be tough to find the motivation to keep going.

You can put them back on the right track by showing them how to increase their skills. There are many different training courses your team members can go on in order to learn valuable project skills.

Of course, you shouldn’t neglect your own training and development plan either. You can keep the project fresher and your future in sharper focus by going on your PRINCE2 Course and any other relevant courses you need.

Lead By Example

Are you team perhaps short of energy because they can see that you are in the same situation? Team members ten to feed off the energy given out by their leader. If you aren’t giving off the right signs then you won’t motivate your team as much as you want to.

This means that your first, and most important, step is to make sure that you have the right attitude and energy levels. If you are tired then what can you do about it? Should you be taking a few days off or changing your working hours?

You can drive your project team on by showing the high levels of energy that you need from everyone else. In this way, you can help to ensure that everyone works to the level that is required every day. A quality and certified PRINCE2 course can really help decipher the best processes to put in place.

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