Quick or fast reading is the process of recognizing and absorbing words, phrases, or sentences on a page, rather than identifying individual or syllable words.

How to speed up your reading speed?

Start by looking inside and knowing why you want to master this skill, take time because this is the basis for achieving the result because your purpose must be strong and decisive.

Then start with some eye gymnastics before reading, because that will allow you to train your eyes and condition them, it's like calisthenics before exercise.

What effect does rapid reading have on comprehension?

You may be wondering if reading fast affects your understanding, and before I know the answer I want to recommend you to use several strategies of fast reading and that for example, in the beginning the scanning method at the beginning is mainly used when investigating and obtaining a general idea of ​​the text, while taking the experience as a fast reader.

If you don't want to neglect your reading comprehension, consider that comprehension increases if the text is crossed out and the main keywords are underlined before regular reading due to the function of RAS (Reticular Activation System) in the brain. This is the part of the brain that doesn't like incomplete information. It helps the reader find the information near a subject; This makes the reader more focused while reading with purpose.

Do you know these quick reading methods?

First I will teach you to differentiate between method and technique, since you are about to start your path in fast reading, it is important to clarify that the method is how you do it and the technique is the tool you use to develop your skills.

Quick reading methods are the form of visual identification of the text, when you start, you read in a zig zag way, but as you master this way of reading you start reading by paragraphs. These methods are as follows:

Scanning method

Scanning is a quick reading process that involves visually searching the sentences on a page for clues to the main idea or when reading an essay, it can mean reading the beginning and the end to get summary information.

It is based on looking for more details, as determined by the questions or the purpose of the reading. For some people, this is natural, but it is usually acquired with practice. Usually, the unevenness is observed more in adults than in children. It is performed at a higher speed (700 words per minute and more) than normal reading for comprehension (around 200–230 words per minute), and results in lower comprehension rates, especially with information-rich reading material.

Scanning is the process in which one actively searches for information using a mind map (organizing the information in a visually hierarchical way that shows the interrelationship of the information for better recovery) formed from cleaning. The scan includes the main point as well as the headings and important information.

Guide method

This technique is visual guidance of the eye with a finger or pointer, such as a ballpoint pen, to make the eye move faster along a passage of text. It involves drawing invisible shapes on a page of text to expand the visual space for quick reading.

What are the advantages and benefits of Fast Reading?

Speed ​​reading is not just reading faster, for me it means being able to better understand information and retain it for longer. These are the benefits and skills that are being acquired:

Improved memory. The brain is like a muscle. If you train your brain, it can perform better. Quick reading challenges our brains to perform at a higher level. When you train your brain to take information faster, other areas of your brain will also improve, such as your memory.

Better Focus Most people have the ability to read at least 200 PxM (words per minute), which is the average reading speed. The traditional reading style they teach us is not very efficient, because sometimes you lose concentration while reading. Speed ​​reading improves your reading and visual focus.

Higher levels of self-confidence and emotional well-being. I think this is the result of knowing that you can learn any aspect of life faster once you have the ability to read faster and understand more.

Improved logic. Reading is an exercise for your brain. When you train your brain to read faster, an amazing thing happens. Your brain becomes more efficient at classifying information and looking for correlations.

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Imon is a freelance writer.