To a certain extent, learning to play the guitar is a process that can be carried out autonomously. If you are the type of person who likes to learn on your own, you have come to the right place. We will explain what you must do to learn to play the guitar easily and quickly in a few short steps.

Playing the guitar correctly takes months or even years if you are picky. The most important thing is not knowing how long you practice to gain speed, but if the method you are using is correct. If so, if you see progress, you are on the right track.

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Know the instrument: If you want to master an instrument and learn to play the guitar like a master, you must first know it to understand it. Know why it looks like this and what each part is used for, will give you a clearer vision and you will undoubtedly be a better guitarist.

Tune your guitar using your ear: Although it is something that takes time at first, you will need this ability to get used to the correct sound and thus be a better interpreter.

Work out fingering exercises: When you're just starting to play the guitar, you probably don't have the strength or coordination to strike notes or quickly change finger positions. Do fingering exercises daily.

Learn a different chord every day: The songs are built with melodies and chords, the more chords you learn the greater your mastery over the guitar, the greater your resources, and the greater interpretive facilities you will have.

Investigate different types of music notation: If you want to get your first guitar songs out, the best thing you can do is learn a bit of the basic notation language. We recommend that you investigate what is the American cipher, what is tablature, and how they are read.

Play songs of different genres: By learning songs from different musical genres you are not only increasing your repertoire, but you are also facing the challenge of learning new sounds and of course new rhythms. Handling various rhythms and sounds makes you a versatile guitarist.

Have fun: As a last tip we can tell you, play a lot of guitars, it's fun Don't forget, if something is fun it gets easier. Enjoy every sound, every new thing you learn, and every new advance.

Put each of the previous points into practice by allocating a little of your time of the day for it and you will see the results. To expand your knowledge, don't rule out the possibility of taking personalized guitar lessons. Having a guitar lesson teacher will help you move forward when you feel a little lost or stuck.

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How to Play Guitar" is a series of guitar lessons that may help you with that! In this lesson, we'll learn the B7 chord, which is a complicated chord, so we'll learn two songs to practice this chord.