How To Lengthen Your Penis Size: Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

How to have a longer manhood? This question hounds many men from different walks of life. In a society that gives value to physical appearance, it is no wonder why the penile enhancement is considered as a billion dollar industry.

And for good reason. Having a longer penis does not only boost one's ego, it also makes sex life more exciting. If you think women don't really about physical dimensions, think again. They may not express it verbally, but deep inside women wish their partner are a tad bigger and longer. And the truth is, they talk about it with their girlfriends. So if you want to be spared of the humility, you must find a way to make your penis a wee bit longer.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Thanks to the internet, men are no longer in the dark as to how to make this happen. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to this topic. With just a click of a mouse, you can have access to nearly unlimited information about the male sexuality. But don't be naïve as to trust everything that you read. There are scrupulous companies that put out websites in the hopes of selling products that are not that effective. Read on and discover the real deal in male organ enhancement.

The most natural way is the enlargement program. This program involves a series of exercises geared towards stimulating the tissues of your penis. There's the method that involves stretching your penis and holding it for a few seconds. Then there's also the squeezing method where you simply slide your hand through the shaft while squeezing it. The goal here is to enlarge and lengthen the PC muscle which is the compartment that holds blood during arousal. The most important thing to remember is to not apply too much pressure with either squeezing or stretching to avoid sexual dysfunction.

Some men resort to penis surgery as it has proven to be effective in some cases. But take note that we're talking about a huge sum of money here. And there are also risks that it might not work out, depending on several factors such as the skill of the attending surgeon or the physical makeup of your penis.

You may also try weights which you can just hang in there for hours. This might be uncomfortable, not to mention humiliating if someone finds out. But these weights have worked on other people so there's no harm in trying.

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In a nutshell, penis enlargement exercises refer to methods that are done to enlarge the size of a man's penis. One of these penis enlargement exercises is called jelqing, which comes with different variations that a man can follow depending on his wants and needs.

Penis enlargement exercises can either help a man gain penile girth or penile length, or even both. Jelqing, in particular, is based on the simple principle of penis milking and stretching and is believed to have originated in the Middle East. The different types of jelqing didn't come out until Europeans popularized them, though.

In today's day and age, penis enlargement exercises are incredibly popular methods that can be used to enlarge the penis. While it is just starting to take full wing in the U.S. and on the World Wide Web, they are already quite popular in other places all around the world. In the beginning, jelqing normally required a lengthy and rigorous process before positive results could be seen. Nowadays, however, thanks to research advancements, the period has reduced significantly in terms of these particular programs.

The main idea behind jelqing is to lengthen the penis by expanding the two spongy tissue pieces inside of it. These expansions will result in the penile tissues being able to hold more blood, so that it can get larger and harder with ease. How successful jelqing is for you, though, will depend on the technique that you use while milking your penis. Ideally, you should use both hands while doing these penis enlargement exercises, so that you can use one as a tourniquet that will keep the blood inside of your manhood while the other does the necessary milking motion to send more blood around to begin with.

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You can test this out with a water balloon if you want. Just fill up the balloon with a bit of water and use one of your hands to clamp down the end of it. Then, use a milking motion to push the water found inside of the balloon to the bottom. If you keep doing this, you should see that the milking motion actually increases the balloon's overall capacity. In that same manner, jelqing in the right way can stretch your penile tissue and help it hold more blood, so that it gets bigger in the long run.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of jelqing that you can look into, as well. Since there isn't any specific criteria to classify them, we will simply call them results-based jelqing and expertise-level-based jelqing in this particular article.

Results-based jelqing is designed to gain specific functions or part enlargements. It can either lengthen or thicken the penis, or give it more stamina. This usually includes length techniques, girth techniques and erection techniques, as well as foreskin restoration and glans increase.

Expertise-level-based jelqing, on the other hand, is designed for men who follow medically backed penis enlargement exercises and is based on each individual's experience. The different expertise levels for this form of jelqing are beginner, intermediate and expert.

To make the most of jelqing, you will need to choose a reliable source that comes with instructions, pictures and videos for ease of use and better understanding. Ideally, you should find a reliable program that already has a lot of loyal followers along with hundreds of photos and videos, and various jelqing techniques that you can follow. If they are supported by medical experts and come with money back guarantees, that would be even better! Just make sure you focus on your safety first and ensure that you do not just follow penis enlargement guides blindly.

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A lot of men in this world aren't happy with their penis size and therefore dream of expanding their manhood by adding a few inches to it. If you are one of these men, then looking into different penis enlargement methods isn't unheard of. Whether you are in a hurry to get the job done or not, penis enlargement methods are legit ways to do so.

Naturally, it would be important to ensure that you do not damage your manhood in any way during this process. If you aren't very knowledgeable in the subject of penis enlargement methods so far, this means that you have to do your research beforehand. In this article, we will help make your life a bit easier by showing you which penis enlargement methods you need to avoid at all costs.

Penile Surgery

Penile surgery for penis enlargement is completely useless. Despite the fancy advertisements that come with this type of surgery, the success rate of it is actually very low. Plus, they are also very dangerous and men could become impotent if they go through the surgery even if it does work. Impotence aside, penile surgery may also result in chronic pain whenever an erection is present, which could prove to be a hurdle in your sex life.

So, if you have been steering towards penile surgery while looking at the different penis enlargement methods available out there, think again. It would definitely be best to turn to natural methods and remedies first before resorting to surgery, especially since natural methods are both safe and effective at the same time.

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Penis Rings

Penis rings are quite the mysterious devices. A lot of men seem to think that wearing one of these rings can give them harder and longer-lasting erections in no time at all. This isn't true, though. In a nutshell, penis rings are worn on the base of an erect penis to maintain the flow of blood inside of it and engorge the tip and shaft of it. Thanks to this increased flow of blood, the penis will look bigger than usual.

However, using these rings for an extended period of time can actually stop the flow of blood in the penis completely and result in a lot of different problems, including blood clots, tissue damage, and other blood flow problems. Aside from that, your manhood could feel sore for several days, as well. The worst part is that your penis won't stay long for very long. Penis rings are merely temporary solutions that could potentially be dangerous and damaging. This is why it would be best to stick to natural penis enlargement remedies and methods instead.

Penis Weights

Penis weights refer to weights that are hung on the man's organ to elongate it. This sounds simple enough, but these weights are actually some of the most brutal devices in today's market - believe it. While practiced in several Asian countries in the world of martial arts, these weights could potentially harm the penis if used improperly and could even fracture it. Penis fractures may then lead to crookedness or Peyronie's disease, amongst other things.

Generally speaking, the penis enlargement methods mentioned above should be avoided at all costs if your goal is to get a bigger penis in a safe and effective way. Not only are the aforementioned methods dangerous, but they could also make you impotent forever, so steer clear of them altogether. Ideally, you should turn to different penis exercise programs to get the job done instead. Some exercises, like kegels and jelqing, can even ensure that the positive results that you get from them stay with you for life.

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So you fear your penis is lacking in size, and you want a way to make it grow bigger for good? You can always get a surgery done on your male organ to enlarge it - but that would mean spending thousands of dollars and enduring hours of a painful procedure.

Instead, there are other ways to help you achieve a realistic gain in size to your manhood, in a much easier fashion.

Use a Penile Extender Device

Today, there are several types of tools and gadgets which are designed to help you enhance the size of your male organ. One such device, called the penile extender, does a great job in this area.

The extender tool goes over your male organ, and attaches its ends to the base of your shaft and somewhere near your penis head. You then adjust the amount of traction on the tool, and let it gently stretch your male organ while you go about with your activities.

The effect of using the extender tool is that the stretch on your penis causes the cells within it to split, and individually expand. As this happens, your penis then gradually grows in physique. With just a few weeks of usage, the extender tool can cause your penis to substantially increase in size and remain bigger for good!

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Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises

As an alternative, you could also learn some simple exercising techniques to use on your male organ in order to stimulate its growth. Penis enlargement exercises have been clinically tested and proven to work by medical professionals, that doctors today are also recommending their patients to rely on exercises.

It works simply by forcing much more blood into your male organ. This causes the main blood channels to fill up with more blood, and expands the erectile tissues which make up most of your penis. As a result of regular exercising, your penis will continue to enlarge bit by bit until it reaches a more respectable size!

The one slight disadvantage of doing penis enlargement exercises is the longer time it takes for you to see any concrete results. But it does not require you to spend hundreds of dollars on special devices such as the extender tool, and is relatively painless and safe.

And based on those facts, penis exercising rates as one of the most effective ways for you to banish your manhood size worries, and realize your wish to be bigger and more sexually appealing down there!

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