During life, we may encounter periods of time where we are under a lot of stress. We tend to hold onto these moments and carry them forward with us. How we felt during that period is also carried forward if we do not let go of it. That is why, even though the moment we are in may seem good, easy, and enjoyable, we may still feel anxious, unsure, and troubled. Letting go of what happened to us, as well as how we felt, is very important in order to feel at ease and confident with where we are.

The trouble with overlooking our previous emotional state is that we have soaked up a lot of anxiety, fear, and emotional tension, so when that stressful moment passes, we need to let go of the emotions we have experienced. Otherwise, we will tend to re-experience this tension emotionally, in new and different ways. What this means is, although the stressful moment has passed, we will keep experiencing how we felt, regardless of the present moment. We can hold onto this emotional tension for very long time.

Once we become aware that the tension of a previous moment is residing with us, we need to acknowledge what we went through, how it made us feel, and accept it. We need to be present with how we felt and how we can now feel, since the stress is alleviated. Then we need to remind ourselves that we can now let go of the tension. We can release the stress physically, emotionally, and mentally now that the moment has passed. Of course, we can do this during the course of the event, but, as a complete cleanse, we need to do it afterward as well. Look at it as releasing the tension with the intent of no longer holding onto its effects.

Sometimes we like to carry the way something felt for a long time as a reminder, a personal triumph, or so that we can reconnect to it. This does us no good. Nothing can or will be gained by physically holding onto our past in this way. What was is over, gone, and no longer a part of us. The only moment we can truly experience is now and nothing else. Releasing the tension in our bodies, hearts, and minds frees us up to be where we are now.

Take the time after a stressful moment to intentionally release the experience. Let it go from your body, mind, and heart. Release how it made you feel, think, and behave. When we want to be free of tension or stress in our lives, we need to do this. It opens you up to the moment you are in and releases old emotions and thoughts. There is no need to carry forward with us an experience that troubled us, hurt us, or overwhelmed us in any way. We can release anything we choose too by pure intention alone; it is nothing more than that. With awareness and intention, we can be free from experiencing stress continuously and emotionally.

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