How to Lick a Woman's Clitoris and Bring Her to Orgasmic Pleasure: How to Give the Best Oral Sex Ever

Almost every woman on this planet can have an orgasm from oral sex and that is a huge difference when compared to the amount of women who can orgasm from sex. Less than half the percentage of women in the world cannot reach an orgasm from sexual intercourse, so oral must be something that you master if you expect to give your woman any orgasms.

You need to learn how to lick a woman's clitoris so you can give her an orgasm. You need to learn the right way to use your tongue and the wrong way so you can be sure that you are maximizing your woman's ability to have an orgasm.

The most important step in learning how to lick a woman's clitoris is what you shouldn't do. Biting is never an option, no matter how rough your woman wants it. The clitoris is filled with over 8000 nerve endings, meaning that it is extremely sensitive and delicate to the touch. Even though you can be a little rough with her, you never want to bite on her because you could cause some serious damage and even tear through the clitoris, causing bleeding.

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The right way to lick a woman's clitoris in order to bring her to orgasmic pleasure is to use the tip of your tongue if you want to be a little rough. The tip of your tongue gives your woman just the right amount of roughness and softness that she is looking for. You can use the tip of your tongue to flick against her to really get her going.

Some men like to stay on a pattern or a rhythm during oral sex and if you prefer that, then you will like the ABC's. This is very simple and yet very effective in making a woman orgasm from oral sex. All you have to do is spell out the alphabet with your tongue on her clitoris. After the 26 letters are up, you can do it again and see how many times you can get through the cycle before your woman cannot hold on.

If she wants you to be a little rougher, then you can suck on the clitoris. Just remember not to bite it. Suck on it gently in between tongue strokes and that gives her a little more of a jolt than what she was getting.

Use these tongue techniques so you can drive your woman wild and so you can give her an experience that will bring her to orgasm and leave her speechless and satisfied.

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Lovemaking is an art that offers pleasure to both partners as they try to master it. On your part, you too should learn techniques that will satisfy your girl in bed and make her scream out your name in uncontainable pleasure.

While most guys think that a girl will be happy with just a few minutes of wild thrusting, nothing could be far away from the multiple-orgasmic truth. The fact is that most girls would love to, and can achieve multiple orgasms and such girls will love a guy that can help them achieve multiple levels of passionate orgasms.

In such a case, it is important that you first get your girl in a relaxed and romantic mood by wooing her with flowers, wine and a romantic dinner. She will now tremble with heightened anticipation and you can start the sexual process by slowly hugging and kissing her while gradually undressing her. Move downwards from her lips to her vagina and thighs with your lips while slowly caressing her body.

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By this time, your girl would be wet with anticipation and this is precisely the moment where most guys go wrong. Instead of penetrating her for a few minutes of hurried pleasure, use your tongue, lips and fingers to stimulate her clitoris and the elusive g-spot situated within. A long foreplay will ensure that she achieves several room-shaking orgasms and she will then literally beg you to penetrate her.

While penetrating her, make sure that you improvise on your timing after observing her body language. Start out slowly and then keep on increasing the rate and depth of your thrusts. Try out various positions that please both of you. Make sure that you both reach an earth-shattering climax together before you collapse in each others arms out of sheer sexual exhaustion. These moves are sure to satisfy your girl again and again and she will eagerly await the next sexual experience with you.

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Women love oral sex but most men don't do it very well. If you want to give your woman incredible pleasure using your tongue, read on and use these 10 ORAL SEX TIPS the very next time you 'get naughty' with your woman...

1. Enjoy It

There is no bigger turn off for a woman than having a man go down on her and look like he's not enjoying it.

Your woman wants to see you enjoy it when you give her oral pleasure.

2. Make Some Noise

If you are enjoying it -- make some noise and let her know. This will really turn her on.

3. Start Slowly

Don't rush in and start licking her clitoris straight away.

Instead, take your time and lick her inner thighs, lick outer labia, penetrate her vagina with your tongue and THEN lick her clitoris.

4. Tease Her

Teasing is very powerful in the bedroom.

Get your woman so excited that she BEGS YOU to lick her clitoris -- and then tease her a little more. This builds anticipation and makes it feel better for her once you finally give her what she really wants.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

5. Find The Right Motion

Does your woman prefer it when you lick her clitoris from side to side or up and down?

Or does she like it when you suck it instead?

You'll only know by experimenting and watching her reaction.

6. Find The Right Speed

Some women like slower movements and some like faster movements.

Experiment and find out what your woman likes best.

7. Get The Pressure Right

This one is very important.

Some women like a man to give oral sex very gently and others prefer him to use a lot more pressure...

The question is: which does your woman like best?

Make it your job to find out.

8. Try Rimming

Rimming involves using your tongue to stimulate your woman's anus.

Many women love this and it certainly brings something new to your oral sex sessions.

9. Add A Finger To Your Techniques

As you are licking your woman's clitoris you can simultaneously stimulate your woman's G-Spot with your middle finger.

This is a very good way to give your woman a powerful orgasm.

10. Make Sure You Make Her Come

One of the biggest mistakes many men make is changing what they are doing before their women have climaxed.

Once you find a motion, speed and pressure that your woman is enjoying -- keep doing it until she has an orgasm. DO NOT constantly change what you are doing.

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If women are satisfied with what you have to offer, they will be more willing to follow your lead and respect you. In fact, the main reason why women are disrespectful to their partners every now and then is the fact that they aren't truly sexually satisfied.

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How to Give Women Several Unforgettable Mind-Blowing Orgasms in a Row

1. Pile on the dirty talk. Many men tend to skip on the dirty talk because they are scared that women find this childish. That isn't true. Women aren't prudes anymore and they happen to love dirty talk!

The truth is: women need both mental and physical stimulation and arousal in bed. Therefore, in order to delve into their mental stimulation, you need to get them to think and the best way to do this would be to give her dirty thoughts to think about that you suggest through your words.

Next time you jump into bed with a woman, pile on the dirty talk. You can thank me afterwards.

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2. Use various body parts. Fingers, in general, happen to be versatile organs of sex, but not a lot of people seem to know this. Your fingers can be put to use to gently fondle women and get them aroused faster. An even greater tip would be to use your fingers on female body zones that are ultra sensitive.

If you do not know what these areas are, you need to pay attention to her reactions whenever you put your hands on her. If she ends up moaning louder whenever you touch her in one area, that would indicate that that area is a sensitive zone.

3. Become an expert at touch-less orgasm strategies. There are methods out there that you can use to make women climax without even touching them, believe it or not. Such orgasms are based on basic tricks of conversation that anybody could learn, regardless of their expertise level in the world of sex.

Orgasms happen to be the "holy grail" in every woman's sexual world, so if you can master these tricks, you can hold the power to female orgasms at will. It is highly powerful, though, so use it only ethically and wisely. If you are able to pull off the "touch-less orgasm" strategy successfully, you will be able to make women stick to you...forever.

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