Offices that have high ceilings automatically look so appealing and modern. So not only are they great spaces to design but their height also suggests freedom which can be fun to explore. At the same time, they bring their own set of problems like the room feeling a little overwhelming and lacking focus.

In order to solve this problem, the office led lighting should be placed in a way that it throws attention to the features of the office, without overloading you with the sheer scale. Moreover, if the lighting isn’t right then those ceilings won’t be shown in their full potential.

Below are three rules that you need to follow while lighting a high ceiling:

Try out the rule of layering

Don’t forget your main three layers- Task, Ambient, Accent. First try to get your ambient light sorted out as that will pave the way for lamps, as in where they need to be positioned. When you are designing a bigger space, make sure to maintain a balance between ‘hot’ spots (too much light) and ‘cold’ spots (not enough light), as even illumination can make space feel more welcoming.

Then indoor LED lighting comes into the picture. It provides a lot of light and a comfortable environment for the employees to work. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about replacing them every alternate year.

Use the rule of thirds

If you are a photographer or an artist then you know what we are talking about. So what you have to do is divide the room into three parts- Top, Middle and Bottom.

Top- This is where the ambient lighting goes. Usually, people opt for recessed lighting because it provides great, even illumination and makes sure that the ceiling itself is lit or you can put your statement pieces such as a Halo Plus by Wipro lighting. It will give you the illusion of the ceiling being lower and it has a compact and trendy design with a deep inset diffuser that helps maintain low UGR and tapered profile housing with micro-texture powder coating.

Middle- This is where you hang the art pieces or bulletin boards, and any accent lighting you want to place with it.

Bottom- This is where you put all the furniture, if you want, add task lights. You can opt for portable lighting, you can move them around and change according to your mood.

Try to stick to a common theme

Not just with lighting but there should be a common feature throughout all the three layers. Usually, people opt for a certain colour that is vibrant and makes it easier to see the pattern. Lighting plays a pivotal role here, either you can get holders of the same colour or use it to highlight the feature of that colour.

These were some of the rules that will help you design the high ceiling offices but in the end do what feels right to you because at the end of the day, this is your space and it should reflect your style and what you want it to look like.

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