Are you taking advantage of the incredible insight of your dreams? If not, you should be. Your dreams are full of wisdom. It is one of the ways that your inner guide speaks to you. Some people don't think that they dream, but everybody does. Many times, dreams are just forgotten within moments of waking up.

It is a good idea to keep a notepad and pen close to your bedside for those times when you wake up and recall a dream. Don't worry about figuring out its meaning right then, just write down any details that you can remember. You can go back later, when you are wide awake, and look for any messages.

There is no doubt that many dreams seem to be nothing but silliness. Then there are the dreams that stick with you. The ones you think about all day long and sometimes even days or weeks after. These dreams are carrying a message. These are called "epiphany" dreams. I had a dream like this at a time when my husband was struggling with addiction. Even now, years later, I get a sinking feeling just thinking about it.

In this dream, I discovered that my husband, Dean, had murdered a woman. Fearful that he would be caught, and the entire world would know what he had done, I helped him to bury this woman's remains in our backyard. As we dug up the dirt, other limbs and body parts started to come to the surface. Our yard was filled with the remains of other women.

We finished burying the last of the evidence just before the sound of sirens filled the air. When the police arrived, they gave me a truth serum to get me to talk. When the truth came out, I felt an immediate sense of relief.

As I attempted to analyze my dream it became clear to me what the message was. At first I couldn't figure out all of the dead women. But then I realized that the women in the dream were all me. They represented the many times my husband's addiction hurt me.

In the dream I did exactly what I was doing in real life - I helped him to cover up the evidence. The dream showed me that I had become so fearful of our family and friends knowing the truth that I was willing to help him hide his addiction.

The thing that really stuck with me was the sense of relief I felt once the truth came out. More than anything, I believe this was the message intended. This dream came to me as I was starting to make progress on my own recovery from co-addiction. It was shortly after this dream that I gathered the courage to do exactly what it was suggesting. I opened up to my family and let the secret out. This was the starting point for my family's recovery.

The messages contained in your dreams are often revealed through symbols and codes, which can make them challenging to understand. Some codes will be personal to each dreamer. Others are more universal. As you begin to pay attention to your dreams, you will notice this symbolic language showing up. The meanings are often not clear-cut. They will depend on each person and what is going on in his or her life.

There are many books and online resources that can help you learn about the meanings of dreams, but don't underestimate your own ability to break the codes. You know better than anybody what your current fears, concerns, or circumstances are. The key to deciphering your dreams is to keep an open mind. With time and practice, you will learn the language.

Your dreams enable you to delve deep into your subconscious mind. While they may be difficult to decipher, don't make the mistake of dismissing their importance. Take special notice of any dreams that are recurring or those that leave a lasting impression. Dreaming gives your inner guide an opportunity to communicate with you. By paying attention to its messages, you are offered a greater understanding of yourself.

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Lisa Espich is the author of "Soaring Above Co-Addiction: Helping your loved one get clean, while creating the life of your dreams", chosen as one of the top ten non-fiction books at the 2011 Los Angeles Book Festival Awards. Visit her website at to preview a free chapter. Be sure to download the FREE Guided Meditation on the homepage!