Are you living a happy life? Are your living the life of your dreams? Are you satisfied with your life? These are the questions, if asked, then most people will reply in negative.

Life is short, then why live an ordinary or miserable life. Why not live an exciting full bloom life where you get the help and respect of everyone. I am giving below some tips for living a GREAT life:

1. Give Respect

You get what you give. It's a golden rule. Give respect to your parents, teachers, elders, seniors and your boss so that you get the respect of your juniors. The thing which we badly miss in our daily lives is respect. Neither we give respect to others nor we get it.

2. Say Thank You

Thank you has become a commercial word and thus lost its true meaning. Anyhow, you must say thank you to anyone who extends you some favor even a small one. Don't say thank you in a mechanical way but in the manner that truly reflects your feelings. This will leave a great impression of your personality on the other person.

3. Help Others

Help the poor, help the unprivileged persons, help the victims of natural calamities and help the people who are in trouble. Though helping others is not mandatory but you must help those who are in need, if you can, because some day you might need the help of other people.

4. Keep smiling

A fake or artificial smile serves no purpose. Think of your blessings, feel happy and smile from the core of your heart. A natural smile relaxes your muscles and brings brightness to your face. Everyone likes a person with a smiling face.

5. Dress Properly

Your dress speaks volumes of your personality, calibre and profession. In some societies a lot of emphasis is given to the dress. Always wear a dress that is most suitable to the type of profession you are in. Any improper dress can ruin your career.

6. Take care of health

A great life begins with a healthy body and a healthy mind. Keep yourself physically fit to enjoy life. Your good health is your biggest asset. Do some workout regularly and eat good nutritious food. Keep your body in shape.

7. Spend Wisely

Can you imagine of living a great life without money. Certainly not! If you spend your money wisely then you will not need to borrow money. Don't waste your money and remain within your budgetary limits.

8. Don't Blame

Don't blame anyone for your own faults. Also don't blame yourself. To err is human. Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat the same mistakes.

9. Read Books

The biggest time wasting electronic device in your house is TV. Switch off your TV, take out a book from the bookshelf and start reading it. Reading is much better than watching TV. Before going to bed read some motivational quotes or self improvement related material.

10. Your family

Your family is the most important factor in determining the quality of your life. You cannot live a great life if you do not have a loving relationship with your spouse. Give love and respect and get the same from your spouse. If you have children then it is more important that they grow in a loving atmosphere.

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