I believe that we’re all here for a reason.

Your life has a unique purpose. But it’s up to you to discover what your true mission is. And it’s also up to you to find a way to carry out your mission with enthusiasm and joy.

This means expressing our truest nature and sharing our abundant gifts with others. But many of us have lost sight of what we’re really made of and the value of what we have to offer the world.

Finding Love and Wisdom

The first step in living a life of Love and wisdom is looking deep within to re-connect with who you really are.

It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. On the outside, you’ve probably surrounded yourself with what seems like protective thoughts about staying safe and comfortable.

Giving up your time and energy to these unnecessary defenses runs the risk of losing your chance to experience your destiny.

You were born to greatness. In fact, you are here to embark upon a fantastic adventure and leave a lasting mark on the pages of time.

Keep peeling.

Destructive thoughts arise from a foundation of limiting beliefs. You easily take false ideas to be true if you’ve become conditioned to accept your thoughts as reality.

By becoming a neutral observer and questioning the assumptions that have been the basis of our decisions so far, we can expose them for what they really are: junk.

Keep peeling.

At the center of your being, you find the truth of your incredible potential. You discover your power, your courage and your infinite capacity for Love.

Throw all those false thought patterns in your mental waste basket.

Commit to questioning thoughts as they arise and only believing those that empower and encourage you to become your happiest, most Loving self.

For more on this crucial process, check out “The Work” of Byron Katie.

Shine Your Radiant Light

To live a life of Love and wisdom, become aware of what you’re thinking and choose to act on only those thoughts that are based in truth. Free yourself from self-sabotage and live with courage and creativity.

Embrace your Sacred Self and share your beautiful Being unabashedly with those around you.

The world needs you to contribute your special brand of Love. Others are looking for a leader just like you who lives as an example of wisdom.

Trust your most inner truth and knowing. Be present in each moment and let your joyous energy vibrate forth from where you are.

Expose your essence. At your core, you are Love and wisdom, embodied.

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Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.

She's a practicing student of Love and has taught the subject in her books and on her blog, "The Love Post" since 2014.

Now that she's a wife and mother of two beautiful little ladies, she's more determined than ever to teach others how to use Love to transform their lives and have a positive impact in the world we all share.

Mary Anne offers her knowledge and wisdom in a practical, easy to understand way so that you can start improving your life immediately, with Love as your guide.

You can read more of Mary Anne's writing at https://maryannehorsman.com