I believe I have a master’s degree when it comes to this subject. I am not going to talk about how to live cheap by living off the government but by simply talking about ways to cut back on foolish spending. We are all victims to our surroundings and sometimes we can’t help but do the things we do because we were brought up that way. I was brought up in a good household and never had a worry about getting a meal. So when I got on my own, it seemed like money just slipped right out the window and I had no clue on how to shut it.
One thing I took for granted growing up was having laundry in my own house. When I searched for an apartment for myself, I looked past the laundry aspect and when it came time to do my laundry I was wasting time, gas and money. Driving to and from the Laundromat and waiting for my laundry was a nightmare. Learn from my mistake at all cost and find an apartment with a washer/dryer in it. The next thing to do is to find an apartment with utilities included. That way you have one less bill to worry about. If you can’t, at least shut off all the lights in your apartment when you don’t need them. Leaving the lights and TV on is unnecessary when you don’t need to and this can save you a lot of money.
Coming from a French family, I love food! I always watched my parents cook as I was growing up but never really indulged to try. Now that I was on my own I saw a large part of my money going towards foods. I mean almost all of my money! I had to figure out a way to still eat well and at the same time cut down on my cost. I told myself I was only going to eat out once a week and the rest of my food was going to be cooked at home. By doing this I saved myself and average of $150-$200 a week by just making my own food. Just remember, when you save money, you are making money!
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