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Perhaps like most retail traders you are wondering if you can make a living from trading through Dow500. In this article, we are going to give you some tricks that will help you to know the keys to trading and to be a Forex trader. As you will see later, living from trading is not always possible, but what is possible is to make your investment profitable with

If you are interested in how to live from trading, read on because we will talk about psychology, trading tactics, and how to get free training to learn how to invest. Training is, without a doubt, the best strategy to win in trading and be a true trader.

The path to success in Forex

Here are some tips that can help you to be successful in Forex trading and to be able to live from trading with Dow500 in the future.

  1. Forget about expectations

The main problem for beginning traders is that they have high expectations and are obsessed with making profits as soon as possible and living from trading as soon as possible, which generates great anxiety that can be the cause of losses.

So the first rule of thumb is to forget about unrealistic goals and objectives - the idea of ​​making money on Forex with just a few quick trades is extremely unlikely. Operating in a risky and overconfident manner can be one of the causes that leads you to lose your initial investment.

  1. Risk management

Before delving into risk profiles, you should be clear that if you do not feel comfortable with the dynamics of the market, be it Forex or another, the best thing is that you forget to invest in it.

On the contrary, if you believe that your profile is in line with Forex trading, go ahead with Dow500! Of course, keep the following in mind when managing risks:

  • Invest only what you can afford to lose without affecting your standard of living.
  • Diversify your investment, it is advisable not to invest more than 20% of your total Forex investment in a single operation.
  • What is your risk profile: Moderate? Aggressive? Conservative?
  • Prepare to lose. If after a series of bad operations you are willing to keep trying, Forex is your market.
  1. Choose a trading strategy

To try to make profits in trading through Dow500 you have to have a defined strategy. There is no right or wrong way to trade, what really matters is that you determine the strategy you will adopt. Sometimes you will see that one trading strategy works well for one currency pair in a certain market, while another strategy is more suitable for the same pair in a different market or other market conditions.

  1. Let go of your emotions

Emotions are the worst enemy of a trader who wants to invest in Forex profitably with Dow500. Some people try to see trading as a game where they have to beat the market and when they start to lose, they feel disappointed because of their emotions.

  1. Set a Stop Loss and a Take Profit

Regardless of your trading strategy, it is always advisable to establish a stop loss. This type of order allows you to define the closing price of your trade. Your order will be closed at this level, even when you are not present. In other words, setting a stop loss will give you the peace of mind of not losing more than you can afford.

  1. Keep up with the markets

How can you be profitable and make money on trading with Dow500? Definitely staying on top of press news is vital at this point. Many market movements are due to news and announcements or their expectation. This is also called fundamental trading.

  1. Create a trading plan

So far we have talked a lot about discipline in trading but very little about the organization like Dow500. Following an order implies coherence and it is the coherence that this article is really about. It all starts with your trading routine. You need to have a strict trading plan that covers most of your trading activity, as this will help you to minimize the chance factor.


Answering this question about how to make money in Forex trading with Dow500 is very easy, what is not so easy is to achieve it. To trade Forex and make profits you need to buy low and sell high, or vice versa. It depends on whether your operation is long or short.

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