Getting free from alcoholism is a tedious task and a blessing. There are numerous treatment programs for addicts and except few effective ones nothing helps. Addicts need the desired will and commitment to get rid of the drinking habits. Going for a treatment program is not just enough, alcoholics need to stay away from drink or remain sober even after treatment. There are many alcoholics, who have gone through extensive alcohol treatment sessions or alcohol rehabilitation, and still been not able get rid of their drinking habits. An alcoholic needs to have self realization and continued personal resistance for complete recovery. Personal and spiritual growth is a part of this process.

There are many alcoholics, who have gone through treatment and rehabilitation, but later fail to resist temptation for alcohol. To resist their desire for alcohol consumption, they start indulging in other addictive activities or habits. Though they get free from alcoholism, they get trapped in other addictions. In case of relapse or developing other addictive habits, the person goes through same pain and trauma again.

Thus, it is important to live sober during and after completing treatment or rehabilitation. Sober living helps in handling the problems, negative emotions or self-destructive behaviour due to persistent desire of returning back to alcoholism. Question now arises is that how to live sober. It is not an easy task to live sober, but it is not the impossible one also. There are many things that can help in sober recovery. Some of them are as follows-

•Being honest to oneself is quite important. Constantly trying to assure oneself about progress in treatment, while it is going otherwise, is of no use. The alcoholic should be honest to himself about his emotions, recovery and cravings. Knowing one’s feeling exactly may help a great deal in sober recovery.
•Alcoholics should share their emotions with a trusted friend or family member. It helps him in getting support, when he needs it. Sharing also helps in handling negative emotions and craving for drinks in a better way.
•Mostly alcoholics try to hide about their problem and do not reach out for help. But it is beneficial to build a support system of friends, family and medical professionals. It helps in getting the right help at right time. The problems may be shorted out as soon as they arise if an alcoholic has a good support system, while he is going through treatment or rehabilitation or trying to stay sober after it.
•Being alone or lonely could trigger desire for alcohol consumption. It may give way to depression, stress, frustration or other negative emotions. Thus an alcoholic should avoid isolation to get rid of these triggers of alcoholism.
•An alcoholic should never avoid going for treatment, when he needs it. Whether medical treatment is required or behavioural therapy is require, going for them on time helps immensely in proper treatment. This is also applied after treatment. Even then, when an alcoholic feels he needs any medical help or therapy, he should go for it.
•Other important thing is to have a healthy atmosphere around him and maintaining healthy relationships. They give positive energy as well as positive impetus for living free of alcohol. Healthy relationships also help in managing anger, frustration and stress in a positive way.
•An alcoholic should indulge in self-affirming behaviours during and after treatment or rehabilitation. Positive activities help in being relaxed and stress free. They also help in living away from alcohol.
•Maintaining healthy exercise regimes helps in keeping feet and stress free. It also relieves and relaxes both body and mind. This also helps in building resistance against alcohol cravings.
•Maintain a good diet regimes is also necessary. If an alcoholic eats healthy, he can avoid physical ailments and also relieves body from food cravings, which could lead to craving for drinking.
•Going for stress relieving therapies also helps. Stress is one of the most important triggers of drinking. If one gets stress free, it is natural that craving for drink diminishes.
•If an alcoholic has joined an alcohol recovery support group, it is important that he attends its meetings. These meetings not only boost morale of the alcoholic but also motivate him to stay sober.
•Other important way to stay sober is to indulge in spiritual activities for development and awareness of inner self. This gives the alcoholic a positive perception about himself.
•Maintaining balance in life is the most important for a sober recovery.

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