Financial freedom arises within. Desire to be financially free leads you to workable behaviors. It is a process! You’ve got to invest in yourself. Today that might include education, building a business, or creating reserves.

Some days are going to go the way you want. You’ll be able to take the actions you planned. There will be times that you get distracted. Times when you spend resources differently than you’d intended. Times when you fail to invest in yourself.

What guides you back when you get lost?

Your creative energy within brings you back on track.

Guidance arises within by gently remembering your desire. By slowly allowing your enthusiasm for getting what you want… to catch fire again.

You see, when you realized you’ve got dreams such as financial freedom that matter to you, you put goals in place to reach your dreams. You choose small steps toward those goals as the things that you can do to take action in the present moment.

Then you allow yourself to move forward. You allow yourself to gently encourage yourself to keep moving forward. Even when you err and go off course. Hey, you’re human! Gentle guidance should include being kind to yourself when it’s time to veer back on course because you went off a bit.

Everything on an intentional trajectory must be guided. For example, airplanes are constantly adjusting course over the duration of a flight. Your flight isn’t a few hours long! You’ve got a lifetime that you’ll be guiding your course. Recognizing that you’ve got to act gently matters.

There’s two parts to that. One is being gentle – kind, loving and considerate – to yourself. Another part is that you’ve got to act. Thinking, talking and planning about action is useful but not sufficient. And big huge actions are usually not practical. Your guidance is in the small action you choose in each moment of now.

For example, guide yourself in reading to learn a new skill. Encourage yourself to practice what you learned. Train yourself so that you truly gain that new skill. Discover ways to use new skill daily, so that you’re really training yourself as you invest in you. Because you are your biggest asset!

It’s not that you create obstacles. Obstacles simply happen all on their own. Some obstacles may leave you feeling stuck. Feeling there’s no action you can take. You can’t control a lot of what happens in life. But you do have control of how you react.

Choose to react by continuing to seek ways toward achieving your goals, gently guiding yourself back onto the course that you want. Seek alternate steps when obstacles appear. Be relentless in seeking your own gentle way to keep on going. You can’t control the obstacles in your path. But you can choose not giving up as your way of reacting.

Yes, some obstacles may be overwhelming. At times, you may need to redefine your dreams. But if you decide that you are going to find your own way, you’ll find your way right past any obstacles that arise. That’s right, your follow through is about your decision.

Decide you’re going to do what you need to do.

Then at each obstacle, figure out what you need to do that’s small enough to do right now.

Then? Act.

Pursue what matters to you — continuously.

Evaluate as you go forward.

Re-evaluate so that part of your gentle guidance is changing direction when that’s appropriate.

Decide that your work toward making your dreams your reality, by your goals and your own small steps, matters to you more than whatever matters at least slightly less to you. Persist in pushing through obstacles! Whatever they are.

Because you can decide that you’re worth it.

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Ann Leighton inspires you to encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

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