Most people buy composite doors because they are easier to look after. Unlike solid wood doors, composite doors do not require much effort or investment to keep them looking as good as new.

The composite door manufacturers in UK urge their clients to care for their composite doors at least once a month. Spending at least half an hour on the door’s upkeep can extend its lifetime and it can keep the door looking fresh and ageless.

To care for the best composite doors, you do not require much material or investments. In fact, all you need is a bucket of soapy water, PVCu polish, lint-free washcloth, and a glass cleaner for a little bit of shine!

Cleaning the handle

The door handle is the most exposed part of the door. It comes in contact with people on a regular basis, thus making it vulnerable to damage. As a result, gently cleansing the door handle can protect it against discolouration, decreased performance and damage to the material.

Most composite doors come with a pre-fitted with PVCu handle. This material requires special care. You clean the door handle by gently wiping the door with a lint-free washcloth dipped in a soapy warm water solution. When cleaning the door handle, it is important to stay away from bleach and other strong chemicals, as they can damage the material.

To get rid of scuff marks and debris, you can carefully scrub the handle to remove the unwanted material. Once the door handle is washed and cleaned, you pat it dry with a dry washcloth.

You may also take the extra step of polishing the handle using a PVCu polish. To do this, you can apply a thin layer of PVCu polish and rub it against the handle in a circular motion. This will ensure that the door handle looks as good as new.

Cleaning the door itself

Composite doors are not dustproof. If you have painted the door with a lighter colour, the gathered dust will become apparent over time. This can make the door appear old and unattractive. If you have a lighter coloured paint job, it is essential to clean the door once a month.

You can care for the door by wiping it down with the soap water solution, created with warm water and chemical-free soap. You can also use a light sponge or a lint-free washcloth to optimize the cleaning. To get rid of built-up and debris, you may scrub the door lightly.  Once the door is cleaned, you can pat it dry with a dry cloth.

In addition to cleaning the door frame, you must also take care of the locks and hinges. Oiling these joints will keep the door’s function intact.

Cleaning the glass windows

If your composite door includes double or triple glazed windows, it is important to make sure they shine brightly. You can clean the glass windows using a glass cleaner and a cotton washcloth. You may apply the cleaning solution on the door in circular motions to attain the best results. Once the solution is applied, you can dry the windows with a dry cloth or sponge.

Taking care of a composite door is simple. You just need to dedicate thirty minutes every month to keep your door looking fresh and new!

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