Understood the importance of maintaining your mental health? Well, it's high time to take our mental health seriously as more than half of total world's population is already suffering from depression and anxiety. You do not always need professional aid to look after your mental health. Sometimes bringing a little change in the way you live can also help you in improving your mental health. In this article today, we would be discussing simple changes you can bring in your life to boost your mental health.


Vent out

We can not imply enough the importance of venting out in treating depression and anxiety. You can vent out to a non-judgmental friend or if you have a fear of opening up to a friend try writing everything down. Venting out, even if it doesn't cure the depression completely, it would make it all less bad.


Eat, drink, and sleep well

You might have been underestimating the role of healthy food, water, and a full night's sleep in maintaining your mental health all your life. Now is the time to eat, drink, and sleep well to boost your mental health. Just as healthy food, enough water, and a full night's sleep bring a positive change in your physical health this healthy change would also improve your mental health as well. 


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Exercise every day, stay active

We choose to stay in bed whenever we feel a little low. Staying in bed or being lazy especially when you are down affects your mental health adversely. Exercise every day, stay active, do what you love doing to give your mental health a healthier boost. A regular good ten minutes workout would not only reduce depression and anxiety it would improve self-esteem and cognitive function as well. 


Avoid drinking and smoking

Drinking or smoking, no doubt, help you in relaxing out a bit but it's not a healthy habit if you are planning to bring a healthier change in your lifestyle. Smoking and drinking should be avoided because it relaxes you for a few hours but would leave you more depressed more anxious the next day. 


Smile more

You have to smile more often to boost your mental and physical health. Smiling activates molecules named "neuropeptides" that are responsible for fending off stress from our shoulders. So, even if it still sounds quite useless, try smiling more. You would notice a positive change in the way you think, feel, and live.


Socialize more

Loneliness contributes to depression and anxiety. Try spending your Saturday and Friday nights with the people you adore to the deepest core. Kick out the negative spirit welcome positivity with open arms.



People like us have mixed views on meditation. Some of us think it helps in curing depression and anxiety whereas a noticeable number of people find it quite useless. Meditation, in fact, if done properly and regularly does bring a positive change in your life. Find a peaceful corner, sit, breath in breath out, to give yourself a new ray of hope.There are some therapies and treatments to sort out your mental health issues.Exposure therapy,tms treatment and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are common.

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