Getting nervous at times is a natural response to certain external and internal triggers. This may include both physical and mental symptoms like sweating or miserable feelings. You can’t control your nervousness all the time as it occurs accidentally, but it is unnecessary for people to recognize your feelings in some situations. Don’t let your fussiness be as visible as a razor burn, know how to hide it.

1. Feelings are not written on your face
You should consider the fact you don’t look as nervous as you think. You will definitely show some signs of anxiety, but nobody knows what’s in your head.

2. Powerful posture
Expanding your posture makes you look more confident, it really works. Practicing power posing also indeed increases your confidence. You will fake it first, but it will represent your real feelings soon after. If you’re too anxious about how your posture looks, practice expanding your arms and legs and stick your chest a bit forward in front of the bathroom mirror. Make this posture habitual when you turn to a standing or sitting stance.

3. Concentrate on the person/people
You can evade the nervous feeling during a conversation by concentrating on the person and engaging yourself in by asking questions on her thoughts and feelings. Asking too many questions will make you look uncertain, and therefore, nervous. Concentrate on the respond, and you will drag the attention of your mind away from yourself. Feel the flow of the conversation.

4. Things to avoid
Don’t look past people who you are talking to, and never stare at your shoes. Look at the person you are talking to instead. Don’t show you’re fidgeting by moving your hands around, constantly touching your face, and curling your hair. Don’t be a solid stone, but stay relatively still. Don’t bite your nails, it is not only showing your nervousness, but it also not appreciated and is totally unhealthy. If you feel you need to chew something, use a gum instead.

5. Keeping track of your appearance
Make sure you don’t rock back and forth, keep your body still and straight. Besides your torso, your hands can show multiple signs of nervousness. Maintain your poise by avoiding certain gestures. Don’t keep your hands clasped behind the back, keep them at your sides instead and leave them relaxed. Keep your hands in one place for several minutes, don’t constantly pull them in and out of pockets. Leave the jacket buttons alone. The same is about your face and glasses unless you really need to touch them up.

Finally, it is okay to escape the situation which makes you nervous just for a few minutes. Pretend you need to visit the bathroom or take an important call. Invest this time to calm yourself down and remind of the tips to look more confident. Recollect yourself and join the activity once again. Engages relaxation techniques like meditation or breathing when needed.

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