There are lots of things we all want to be. We all want to be successful for instance, and most of us probably want to be popular, wealthy, happy and liked too. One of the more abstract things that most of us strive after though is to be ‘cool’ and to give off an air of ‘The Fonz’. This is something that eludes many of us however -partly because the concept is so tricky to define, but also because it’s generally a natural gift rather than something you can learn.

But while it might be a struggle to become cool when you weren’t born that way; it’s certainly a lot easier to work on just looking cool which is really half the battle. Here with the help of a famous fashion store Zaful; we will look at how you can look cooler and give off an air of nonchalance and ‘with-it-ness’, and probably feel like Tom Cruise mixed with James Bond as a result.

Caps and Shades

The first thing you should be aware of when trying to look cool is that it means looking laid back as well as looking something of a rebel (hey, I didn’t come up with the rules!). Being cool means looking good then, but it means looking good in a way that doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard or that isn’t too rigid. So while Bond looks cool in a suit, if you were to wear a suit and tie everywhere you’d be much more likely to look square instead. Kind of the opposite of cool (rather than hot…). This is why one classic cool look is to wear sun glasses and a cap; this says that you’re laid back and that you aren’t dressing to please a boss somewhere. You’re your own person that way and will come across as more creative and free spirited.

There are other reasons a cap and shades look cool too. The first is the simple fact that these are both associated with being outdoors (and with sports in the case of a baseball hat (guess which sport…)) which means you’ll look more athletic and outdoorsy, and the second is that shades can help to hide your eyes giving you more of a sense of mystery – and mystery is another hallmark of the cool.

Quality and Style

What’s also important though is that you dress in a way that denotes quality, style and luxury. In other words, although you mustn’t look like you’re trying, you also must not look clueless. If you turn up in a shirt that clashes with your trousers then you’ll just look like you have no sense of style, and likewise if you wear jogging bottoms you’ve had for years then you’ll just look like you’re broke or lazy. Someone cool is someone who has it together, so you need to wear clothes that look luxurious and clothes that match and work well together. Don’t buy individual items of clothing – buy outfits and think about the specific occasion you want them for. But while you do this, make sure you pick things in such a way that it doesn’t look as though you put any thought into them. So that means high quality but casual in look. Don’t worry, you’ll get it.


Having a great smile is perhaps the most important part of a cool look (that’s Tom Cruise’s secret anyway), but so is appearing generally healthy and desirable. Make sure you eat healthily and look after your teeth – and a gym membership won’t hurt either. Develop a tan and a good skin regime, and all this will help you to look strong and vibrant. When you look happy and well, you almost automatically look cool.

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