What has age got to do with it anyway? It is all to do with mind set. Too many people think themselves into growing old, hence the hairstyle and the clothes they wear. Even more disturbing, they listen to others telling them. “You shouldn’t do that dear, not at your age. Poppycock total nonsense!

My book entitled “Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over” is packed full of suggestions and options to help, encourage, persuade and enlighten all women who travel life’s journey.

No one on the planet can escape the aging process, but surely you have to agree, if we choose to ‘want’ the inevitable, think you cannot continue to learn, use your brain, have challenges, then sadly that is exactly what happens.

“Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over.” Was inspired by my own experiences, trials and tribulations, Do you need help with the types of foods to eat? Remembering as we age, the amount of food eaten should be less. There are foods that are good for you and others that need to be avoided.

Do you complete your 30 minutes of daily exercise? Need help? “Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over” has all the necessary information to get you full of vitality and energy. Daily exercise is crucial if you are serious about allaying the aging process.
Take a peek inside and take control over your life- you will wonder how you got along without it.

Who told you that the hairstyle your had throughout your life, had to change when you were 50? Now, that’s not to say once grey hair over takes you own colour and the locks are still flowing it looks the same as it did even five or ten years ago. One has to be realistic. For one thing, grey hair in itself is aging. Visit the hairdressers and get highlights or a colour that matches you original colour. Take your hair off your face by tying it back. Better still take a radical step and have it cut and styled

Makeup- this is a difficult topic for me, mainly due to the fact I have never worn makeup. Nevertheless in my opinion if you are one of the millions who do, maybe, this is the time to review the colours that you use.

It improbable that the mini skirt worn throughout your 20’s, even into early 30’s should be worn after 40. Not least because you will look ridiculous! Say goodbye to them, instead think of wearing the midi length, or skirts that are just above the knee. Cropped trousers look good. Tops and dresses can still be chosen, that keep you looking young in a sophisticated way.

Wearing denim transcends the ages. If you feel comfortable then continue.

Beautiful tailored leather looks good whatever the age.

There are five major theories on why we age which I have listed below but not gone into details.

The free radical theory (which is covered in my book)
The error hypothesis
The cross linkage theory,
The brain hypothesis
The auto immune theory.

Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over is packed full of suggestions and helpful tips to inspire, motivate and help you gain control over the next chapter of your life.

How many glasses of water do you drink during the course of the day? Don’t wait until you suffer from dehydration.

Have you noticed how many women are walking around with bloated stomachs? Deal with cause and effect.

Relaxation! Find time in the day to de stress, re-charge those batteries.

“Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over” has up to date information for all discerning women.

Being 50 is a pivotal point in any women’s life and should be celebrated as the best.

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