There are so many ways to lose weight – the short way or the long way. You pick.

Metabolism is oftentimes the root cause of how people lose weight. They said, if your metabolism is great, you can eat all you want and not gain a pound. But for larger people (since obviously, your metabolism is slow, or for some other reason), it could be tough. Losing weight could mean skipping meals altogether, and at the end of the day cause so many more problems aside from not losing the weight itself.

Losing weight has been a long-time battle for me. Yes, diet is a battlefield. I have tried different products that promise to help you lose the unwarranted fats that you have; I have tried a couple of diets which were not as effective because I was depriving myself of the basic needs by body needed to function.

Through extensive research and practice, I have gathered the most effective way of losing weight in just three easy steps.

1. Consume More Protein, Fat, and Vegetables

As our mothers have said, ‘eat your vegetables!’

Check the local resources you have in your area for your protein and fat sources like meats, fish and seafood, and eggs. Your oils and butter as well.

Don’t be afraid to eat a lot of these since this helps in your day to day activities – but as much as you can, eat in smaller portions, if you get hungry, eat, do not hesitate. Remember that you have to eat but make sure you’re hungry and just limit the portions.

2. Lift Weights At Least 3 Times a Week

However you look at it, you need exercise. Lifting weights it the best option if you wanted to lose the weight faster than doing cardio.

Go to the gym at least 3 times and week, do a quick warm-up and lift some weights. If going to the gym is not the best option for you, then by all mean, but the necessary equipment you need to do it at home.

Easy, right? All this boils down to dedication and discipline, for without it, you won’t be able to achieve your goal of losing weight. This is a tried and tested method, but just a suggestion nonetheless.

3. Limit Your Sugar and Starch Intake

I have personally tried this, so I know that it works. Whoever you ask would tell you that you have to limit your sugar and starches. There are tons of alternatives you can do – ask a dietician or a nutritionist before doing this because if this will hurt you in the long run, then what’s the point of all this?

Research, research, and research. There are many healthy food alternatives that you can check online like the best organic food and other natural healthcare products. Remember that by limiting or cutting back on the sugar and starches, you’ll reduce your appetite and eventually makes you lose weight without going hungry.

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