With the rising instances of obesity and the complications associated with it, it has become a real necessity to lose weight. Weight loss is also desired for improving the general health and to be fit. There are many ways for weight loss, but primary are exercises and diet. Changes in lifestyle and consultation with one’s physician help in knowing better an individual and his physical conditions. Identifying the underlying reasons of obesity is also effective for countering it. Cycling, running, swimming and other forms of exercises are recommended for weight loss. There are also many diets for weight loss, like fad diets, but a healthy way of losing weight is ideal if one wants to keep that extra flab away forever. So it is advisable to have a balanced diet for weight loss that will suit one’s body. The best diet for weight loss is that which ensures the judicious mix of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. When starting on a weight loss diet, initially there is more loss of water weight than actual weight. But once one puts a practice with weight loss foods, things become easier.

Other methods recommended for weight loss are concentrating on the food while eating, having fruits before meals, not skipping breakfast, chewing for more time, having smaller meals with lesser durations and having dinner much before going to sleep. Reading, watching TV or simply talking while having food sometimes does not allow the brain to focus on the food and thereby one may overeat. Having fruits before meals provides energy for losing weight. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The body needs food at regular intervals and avoiding breakfast may make one so hungry at lunch that there is every possibility of overeating. The body has also been without food throughout the night and there is a slowing down of metabolism by missing breakfast. The brain takes time to receive signals that the stomach is full, so one should eat slowly. Frequent small amount meals should be taken as it is good for the metabolism. There is loss of nutrients by over cooking meals and when the body doesn’t get nutrients, there isn’t a feeling of satisfaction. Cooking food in microwave is not advisable and rather vegetables, meat and fish should be baked or grilled. Dinner should be taken much before sleep as it will make one avoid indulging on food before dinner time.

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