It is natural that as people get older; their body will also tend to undergo changes. For example, people start experiencing a decrease in lean muscle mass or a sudden increase in excess weight. Another clear change which is associated with old age is a sudden decrease in metabolic rate.

People who are 45 years of age or older are known to find it harder to lose weight, simply because their bodies now tend to accumulate carbohydrates as fats rather than making use of them to create energy. Add on to the fact that most old people are rather inactive, the threat of excess fats accumulating all around the body just keeps growing.

However, other than making one look bad, excess fats can cause health problems as well! More fats around organs such as the heart can translate to a greater risk of stroke or heart attack. Thankfully, there are still ways in which you can lose the excess fats even if you are older than 45.

Since most people who are of an older age usually have a slower metabolic rate, they do not need to consume as many calories as the younger and more active people. Therefore, it is very important for you not to take half as much alcohol, butter as well as processed foods.

Since most people tend to get less active as they grow older, it results in lower metabolic rates, and thus people get fatter easier as they grow older. To counter this, you can take brisk walks each morning to keep your heart rate up, and your metabolism rate high.

Due to the natural decrease in lean muscle mass, it is advised to engage in weight lifting to reduce this effect. There is no need to become a body builder, nor will you become a body builder unless you were to consume huge amounts of calories.

Aerobic workouts are great for conditioning your lungs and heart! Aged people who have not been active for long periods of time are generally advised to start performing light aerobic exercises once again. It will keep you in better shape and health.

Most people, if they were to not engage in regular stretching or yoga, will tend to stiffen up over the years. If your entire body is feeling too stiff, the chance of you injuring yourself when taking a brisk walk or weight lifting becomes higher. Thus, make sure to keep your flexibility level high as well.

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