You have been feeding your body with all the cheesy pizzas and juicy burgers until you realized you do not fit in that gorgeous gown you have been wanting to wear in an important event in few weeks. You are in a weight loss emergency and are clueless about where to begin with. Unfortunately, while the process of weight gain is pretty quick and smooth, the journey to weight loss can be frustratingly slow. There will be times that you might find yourself spending hours at the gym but getting negligible results. If you want to shed your pounds and get a toned body you need to be smart when you plan your fitness schedule and then make sure that you are consistent with the plan. Here are some tips that can help you speed up your weight loss.

Do Not Starve Your Body
Most crash diet plans focus on starving your body to speed up the weight loss. This is the worst thing that you can do to your body health wise. Moreover, there is a high chance that your body will backfire after such plans. You might see some inches lost initially but sooner or later your body will crave fats and carbs and your crash diet will crash the moment you give in to your cravings. A smarter way to deal with your diet is to break your meals in to several smaller meals. Eat small portions of food every two to three hours. It is a bad idea to have only salad based diet. Instead add lots of proteins and good fats to your meal plan. Proteins will not only sustain your energy levels and blood sugar without making your feel lethargic but will also speed up your weight loss.

Protein Supplements
When you are on a strict diet schedule and a rigorous workout routine for weight loss, your body might end up lacking important nutrition content. Most expert fitness trainers and athletes swear by supplements like protein powder, which can help make faster improvements when getting back in shape. If you are a vegetarian who steers clear of high protein foods such as meat or eggs, you can go for lean protein shakes to cover up for the lacking protein requirements of your system. These supplements are not only packed with all the necessary nutrients for effective weight loss but they also provide fuel to grow and strengthen your muscles.

Start with a Basic Workout Plan
If you are someone who has never hit a gym, keep it easy in the beginning. Do not freak your body out by doing a one hour cardio on the very first day. Start off with a thirty minute brisk walk and then build up gradually. However, this does not mean you will jog for the rest of your life. As you build your stamina, go for more challenging exercises that target key fat deposits on your body. Body weight exercises like quats, lunges and push-ups are great exercises to kill those flabby fat deposits and get a tight toned body.

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