How To Lose Weight Fast - Tip #1

Let’s face it: we all want the secret on how to lose weight fast. Actually we all want instant gratification, we want everything to happen quickly and weight loss is one of our top “wants.”

If I told you that there is a really simple way to lose weight fast without changing your diet, would you believe it? Or would you say “this can’t be true” or “it is too good to be true”? I know I am going against deeply held beliefs that weight loss is hard and difficult. What I ask you is to keep an open mind as you read this article. Will you play with me for a few moments? Keep reading for a simple tip that will work wonders!

How to get heavier and slower

Your days are full and your to do list is never ending. So you take work home and stay up late finishing up work after dinner. You go to bed late and sleep less to catch up.

As a result, your body is sleep and energy deprived. It asks you for more energy, which also comes from deeper breathing and increased water intake, yet you interpret it as hunger. And you end up eating more to have more energy.

Also, the later you go to bed and disrupt your circadian cycles, your body will need more insulin to break down the glycogen stored as fat in your body, to transform it in usable energy. Once the needed glycogen is broken down, the excess insulin in the blood will again get stored as glycogen and fat for future usage, and these insulin surges will start creating insulin resistance in your cell receptors. This is a downward spiral that can easily be avoided.

How to get lighter and energized

Go to bed earlier, preferably before midnight to respect your circadian cycles, and get more rest. Your body will be more rested and have more available energy.

It will decrease its pleas for more energy, which you interpret as hunger. Thus, as you feel more energized, you will eat less and will lose pounds and inches. . Not to mention that your moods will be much better, as you feel more rested.

This is the simplest and most effective tool to lose weight fast.

I know that this sounds really too simple to be true, yet I have witnessed my own body store more fat when I sleep less, and several of my patients have seen the result and the weight loss for themselves as well.

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