Before we discuss breakfast and weight loss, let’s get the essentials out first. Eating breakfast for weight loss and weight control is important for several reasons:

1. Eating breakfast for weight loss promotes better well-being. We feel more lively when we eat breakfast regularly.

2. Eating breakfast for weight loss prevents us to eating excessively or mindless eating during the day.

3. Eating breakfast for weight loss provides us the right energy needed to start the day. We are therefore more productive in our daily workloads.

4. Eating breakfast for weight loss allows us to develop a healthy eating habit.

This makes breakfast a very important meal with regards to weight loss. Eating breakfast for weight loss is a healthy way of losing weight. In the same light, not eating breakfast helps us gain weight unnecessarily.

Breakfast breaks our overnight fast. Those who don’t eat breakfast prolongs this fast to a much longer extent. Breakfast is an important meal because it’s supposed to supply our body with the much needed glucose in the morning to help boost our blood sugar level. When we don’t eat breakfast, we feel tired, lazy and out of commission.

Some think that they’re saving up on calories in not eating breakfast. That is hardly the case. Our blood sugar level goes down in the morning if we don’t eat. Glucose is the fuel that pumps up our blood sugar level. To spike up our sugar level and to ease our binges, we tend snack on simple carbs like candies and chocolates. Simple carbohydrates are fast and easy for the body to convert into glucose and energy. Snacking develops into a constant habit of eating. By lunch time, we may be eating a very heavy meal since our body is asking for “real food” into the body. This sums up to more calories than we may have eaten should we have just taken our breakfast in the first place. This cycle of over- and unnecessary eating continues until nighttime; and begins again in the morning unless you end the habit.

Starting a healthy habit of breakfast for weight loss is simple. A slight change each day can make a big difference.There are many breakfast choices to choose from to help us shift to this healthy habit. If you don’t have time to fix breakfast in the morning, prepare breakfast for weight loss at night. If you’re always on the run, opt for quick breakfast meals that are easy to do. You can have breakfast on the road or have it at home with your family.

What consists a healthy breakfast for weight loss?

Eating breakfast for weight loss is the way to go. Remember though that not all breakfast are healthy. A healthy breakfast has fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats in it. That being said, coffee alone is not enough for a satisfying breakfast. Adding fruits for breakfast boosts our energy as well as our immune system.

Some breakfast for weight loss quick tips include eating whole grains cereals, breads and pastries; lean cuts of meats, chicken breasts or turkey; low-fat cheeses, milk and other dairies; oatmeal with nuts, raisins or berries; yogurt and a piece of fruit.

Eating breakfast for weight loss should be eating a healthy satisfying meal. However, it doesn’t have to be boring. It’s always a matter of healthy choices. If you fancy fast-foods breakfast, simply choose the lowest calorie on the menu. For instance, an egg sausage sandwich is better than bacon cheeseburger meal.

Enjoy a very satisfying breakfast meal!

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