Love itself is simple. It’s a pure creative energy. It feels good.

But relationships have a way of getting pretty complicated sometimes.

That’s why it’s extra important to focus on Love as we embark on the adventure of sharing life with another person.
Here are some basic principles to remember to help you Love your relationship.

The Best Foundation

The best foundation for a healthy, Loving relationship with someone else is a healthy, Loving relationship with yourself.

In fact, what often causes the most trouble in an intimate relationship is a lack of self-knowledge on the part of the participants.

First and foremost, seek to know and Love yourself as a human being. Be kind and patient with yourself as you learn and grow every day. Make every effort to take care of your spirit, your mind and your body.

Not only will this make you feel your best, your positive example will attract people into your life who practice self-care and value a Loving lifestyle.

If you are serious about personal development, you’ll want to spend your time with someone else who shares that value as well.

Commit to Honesty

As you’re building on a strong foundation of self-Love, take time to understand yourself. Then you’ll better able to communicate your true desires and listen attentively to what your partner really wants.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings will help you gain clarity about your relationship.

It offers the other person an opportunity to confirm similar feelings or express a different opinion.

Even though it can be scary to open up, it’s worth it.

Better to find out where you stand now than spend more time and energy on a relationship with someone who doesn’t share your vision and values.

Of course, there are times when differences are okay. They may even make a relationship stronger. But the ability to communicate honestly with one another is absolutely vital to creating a Loving environment in which to grow together.

Loving communication is perhaps one of the most challenging skills to master. It’s also not something that we’re taught much about.

It starts with awareness and attention to the messages that we are sending and receiving.

There may be times when honesty feels very hurtful. Emotions can flare and our best attempts at sharing turn into angry words or tearful displays. It’s okay.

Love your relationship by accepting your humanity. Know that, at this moment, you’re both doing the best you can (Even if your best isn’t what you’d like it to be).

Do whatever you need to in order to re-balance. Take a walk, write in your journal. Hug each other as soon as you can.

Keep being honest.

Ask yourself empowering and clarifying questions like:
What can you do to make things better going forward?
Are you better off parting ways?

This usually isn’t a fun or easy option, but sometimes it’s the best one.

Sometimes you must Love your relationship by letting it go.
Trust your instinct. Only you know what’s best for you.

Love & Learn

If you are focused on how to Love your relationship you will always be learning what makes you and your partner happiest.

Spend time and energy building trust through honest communication.

Show gratitude and affection often. Take care of each other like you take care of yourselves.

When challenges arise, step up to meet them. Remember that every experience is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and your relationship.

It’s so easy to get comfortable in our habits, secure in our togetherness. Settling in to a routine is tempting, but it doesn’t necessarily help us grow as individuals or as a couple.

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Love your relationship by trying new things and helping each other be the best versions of yourselves.

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