Every day we see love sometimes it’s not always what it appears to be at a first
Glance it makes you wonder” So what is this thing called love?”
Falling in love is one of life’s most exciting events in life. Although it can also be a very scary experience it is something that everyone I know would take the chance of falling in love, versus being alone. Everyone wants to find true love, but what is this thing called love. We all think we know and when it happens, life takes on new meaning. Something inside us changes.

New enthusiasm provides zest for even the dullest of tasks. Something about the chemistry and the effects it has over ones physical composition. In the early stages of love everything is great peachy king. Each glance and caress, every conversation and kiss takes on a very meaningful significance. Everything is so Grand, Suddenly, the question appears: So what is this thing called love and do I really feel this way or do they really feel this way about me or is it all a game.

Many relationships are doomed even before they really start because people get so caught up with the fact of being in love and they jump and run with the notion come that true love conquers all Regardless of what the problem. We love each other so much we can make our relationship work. No dilemma is too strong for this love. Anyone who feeds into this bullshit is not facing reality and definitely not thinking clearly.

No one intentionally sets out to make bad decisions in life when it comes to matters of the heart. We want our relationships be healthy and long lasting. At the time make a choice, we honestly earnestly believe we are making the right decisions the person is right for us, we believe we are making the right move. However more often than not, that choice turns out to be and incorrect one. Love is so exhilarating and fascinating that some people literally allow themselves to be blind in the eyes of love, to anything that might daunt the illusion of you being in a truly loving relationship. Telling the difference between true love and infatuation is oft times complicated, but not impossible. In My book “So what is this thing called love”. I point out what true love is and how you can only achieve

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Vincent Brice is a Author of the book called So what is this thing called love. A book about understanding the true meaning of love and relationships. Vincent is also has published over 300 articles online on a vast variety of websites. Vincent is a loving father of two wonderful children Vincent Brice Currently resides in Columbia S.C