Are you struggling with body image? Your body image determines how you feel about your overall confidence,and your personal worth.

The media images make it that much harder to feel good about yourself, it's true. But you have to keep in mind that these media images are altered; these are not reality.

You have to accept that while you might not look like a celebrity, you are fine just the way that you are! When you can accept this, you'll be a lot happier in the end.

Put yourself first

First, in order to love yourself from the inside out, change your focus on beauty. The fact is that no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, but they are still beautiful in their own way. In any case, flaws are no reason to have a miserable life! Think about the things that you do like about yourself, if you want tot feel better.

People aren't judging you as harshly as you might think. Just as you probably don't judge people harshly, others aren't judging your harshly either.

You're unique!

When you've resolved your inner emotions, then you can work on the outward things. Don't be sucked in to weird solutions, such as cosmetic surgey to feel good about yourself. If you can change things such as weight or acne, then pursue these solutions. But if you have freckles, learn to love the freckles. You can make small and interesting changes, like dying your hair. But when people go too far, they do things that are flat out dangerous to their health.

If you need the need to take drastic measure to change the way that you look, then you need professional help. Talk to a therapist before you make these drastic decisions.

Maintaining Healthy Body Image

Help the world around you, by passing on healthy body image. The media's portrayal of body image is false, and dangerous. Therefore, you should do your part to counter these images.

Teach your children that they are beautiful as is. Don't put yourself down in front of your kids, because they will imitate how you treat yourself. It would break your heart to have your kids imitate you in this negative way.

We can and should all strive towards healthy body image. Plus, you'll make other feel better as well.

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