Certainly we are all aware of the health effects of having a positive attitude throughout life and of the improved mood we are going to experience if we remained positive yet sometimes we betray our knowledge and dwell into negative thinking for prolonged periods.

I have been searching for reasons that force us to think negatively in order to find some kind of a formula that can help us maintain our positively and luckily I found some very effective methods that can help us live a more positive life.

Here they are:

1) Deal with the root cause not the symptom: The biggest mistake everyone makes when trying to deal with negative thinking is trying to combat the symptom which is negative thinking itself instead of the root cause which is usually a false belief about life.

If for example you believe that people are cruel then you will get all kinds of negative thoughts when dealing with friends or strangers and in such a case the only way to get rid of the negative thoughts is to fix the false belief instead of working on the negative thoughts itself.

2) Don’t escape from your problems: Do you know what causes mood swings? Mood swings happen when you come across something that reminds you of a problem that you are escaping from.

That’s why something as simple as a picture, phrase or even a word can trigger a mood swing. In order to prevent those moods swings from happening you need to make sure that you are working on solving your existing problems so that when something reminds you of them you don’t feel worried.

3) Avoid negative media: Many researches has shown that our minds get programmed by the images, sounds and videos we get exposed to. Watching bad news for few minutes can certainly have a negative impact on your mood.

While it might not be possible to avoid all kinds of negative media still you can reduce your exposure to them to a great extent.

Don’t program your mind with negative thoughts all day then wonder why are you thinking negatively at the end of the day.

4) Beware of negative people: Suggestions are very powerful to the extent that they can change people’s beliefs. That’s why marketers always bomb us with the same messages everyday many times.

The most powerful suggestions are the ones that come from trusted sources or in other words close friends. Not only a close friend who thinks negatively will affect your mood but over time he can also change your beliefs about the world without any of you notice.

So what’s the solution to this problem? Help your friends who think negatively to become more positive so that you both push each other higher instead of affecting each other negatively.

5) Think of new possibilities instead of being attached to the past: This is one of the biggest reasons for the misfortune of many people.

Sometimes people get stuck in the past by believing that they have tried everything possible and that no other solution can be applied to their problems while in fact that’s just a mental illusion.

When you face a new problem, forget about what didn’t work in the past and think of brand new possibilities other than the ones you tried earlier.

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