I am someone with naturally frizzy and poofy hair which means along the way I’ve picked up some tips and tricks on maintaining the frizz but also keeping your hair healthy. I personally don’t like embracing my frizz because even when I brush my hair I still look like I haven’t run a brush through my hair.

My first and favorite thing I do to maintain my hair is straighten it. I straighten my hair whenever I can because it helps maintain the frizz and when my hair is straight it frames my face better allowing my other features to be seen. If you have frizzy hair then you know that the poof of the hair can overpower your facial features. My second tip accompanies this one because it helps keep the hair healthy while you straighten it and that would be the use of heat protectant. If you like to constantly straighten your hair then a heat protectant is your best friend. Constant heat can be strenuous on your hair, making it dry and brittle, making breaks a more common occurrence. Heat protectant locks in the moisture in your hair keeping the hair stronger and less likely to break.

To help maintain the hair’s frizz while also styling it I recommend putting it into either a single braid or two braids. There are so many things you can with a braid. You can do french, dutch, or even fishtail braids. Braids also help keep your hair healthy because when you braid your hair you’re not constantly adding the heat you would have if you constantly straightened it. Thanks for Laura’s advice, who is hairstylist of Umihair. However constant braiding can put strain on your hair so another way to maintain the frizz by styling it but not putting too much strain on it is to put it into a messy bun. In today’s world we are made to believe that messy buns have to be buns that are perfectly placed on our heads yet at the same time they look so effortless, yet the truth is that’s not what a messy bun is. A messy bun is simply a loosely tied bun in order to tie up your hair. In order for a messy bun to be able to still be healthy for your hair you have to make sure you tie it loosely, too tight and you could stress the hair too much and cause it to break. On the topic of braids, I have found wearing a single, loose braid with slightly wet hair while sleeping helps lock in the moisture and helps to maintain the frizz in your hair. Making sure the braid is loose and the hair tie is a regular hair tie is important because then your hair won't strain as much, helping it to stay strong and not break. This is something I have found out recently and honestly it has been a life changer, and it has helped make my hair more manageable.

Another way I lock in my hair’s moisture is by using leave in conditioner. The right leave in conditioner can leave frizzy and poofy hair feeling smooth and soft. My favorite leave-in conditioner is made by Function of Beauty because they allow you to create a formula that is based on your hair type allowing you to get the full use out of the product. Not only does it help maintain your hair but it also keeps it healthy. It helps to strengthen the hair strains allowing for you not to worry about breakage.
Since I’ve told you what I do to maintain frizzy hair, I think I should also tell you what to stay away from in order to keep your hair feeling and looking strong, regardless of what type it is. The first thing anyone should stay away from in order to keep your hair healthy is wearing tight or small hair ties while the hair is wet. When you wear anything tight in your hair while it’s wet causes the strands of the hair to become weak and therefore causes the hair to break. Constantly wearing tight ponytails also causes the hair to become weak and makes the chances of breakage high. Tight ponytails put too much stress on the hair. They are fine every now and then but they should be worn in the same spot day after day. Lastly, in order to keep your hair healthy using only a minimal amount of shampoo compared to conditioner. Shampoo dries out your hair while the conditioner moisturizes it. If you use the same amount of shampoo as conditioner or even more then you’re in danger because dry hair becomes brittle and splits easier.

My tenth and final tip to making sure you have healthy hair is to keep up with trimming the split ends and that’s how I learnt about Human tape in hair extensions. If you don’t get your hair trimmed every so often then the longer your hair grows the more the split ends start to splinter up. The more the hair splinters and breaks the harder it is for you to grow it out to the desired length you want.

Hair care was never my forte until a couple years ago when I learned how important it was to make sure your hair stays moisturized and healthy. Hair is so much more complicated than we give it credit for and we should all start to realize that and understand that every hair type is different and takes different tips to help maintain it and keep it healthy. These are the tips and tricks I have learned to help maintain my thin, frizzy, and poofy hair. Some of these tips make work for you and some may now, but the important part is at least you’re looking for what does. Hair health is important too.

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