While having to clean and maintain your e-cigarette and vaping equipment is not the most enjoyable aspect of vaping, it is something that must happen. You might want to ignore the fact that your tank is due a clean but ignoring maintenance needs leads to things not working properly. That can mean you have to head back to your local NZ vape shop to get replacements far sooner than you normally would have to. Here is a look at the most essential aspects of taking care of your e-cigarette so it keeps working well.

Proper maintenance of the e-liquids

There are a couple of main things that need to happen to take care of your e-liquids;

  • Once you have used your e-liquid be sure to put the lid back on properly and keep it stored in a dry and cool place that is not in direct sunlight.
  • Sometimes e-liquids can form crystals. If that has happened your New Zealand vapour shop will likely advise you to warm it in a bowl of water that is warm not but not hot so it heats gently. That will remove them. Do not let it get to boiling as that can cause other issues!

Looking after the coils

Two main needs for your coils to remain in good repair include;

  • Only use the coils within the temperature range or recommended wattage that the guide states. That way they will not burn out and they will last a lot longer.
  • You can opt to rinse your coils with water as that can increase lifespan for a little bit more. However, this is usually not recommended by any manufacturer or NZ vape shop as it can lead to damage happening in the rest of the vape kit.

Caring for the tanks

These two maintenance tips will help with keeping your tank clean;

  • A tank should have a cleaning every other week or at least when you are going to change to a new coil. Over time tanks can get clogged up and will not work to their full capability when that happens, until they are cleaned.
  • The tank should be kept in the upright position when it is filled so that there is no leaking, and less chance of damage happening to the kit and to other personal belongings around it.

Clean the mods

One key concern with your mod;

  • It is important to make sure the mod is kept clean, free from dirt or too much liquid. Clean mods mean they are less likely to be dropped.

Basic battery care

Three key tips on your batteries are;

  • Store them as instructions state either in a case or a sleeve.
  • Do not use unlicensed batteries and avoid overcharging them.
  • If a battery looks damaged at all do not use it.



Talk to your New Zealand vapour supplier for more information and be sure to read instructions that come with your device. These are the basic tips on keeping it working well and keeping you safe but there is more that can be done, so make sure you check for the equipment you specifically have.

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