Quick question- is it worth the effort to keep the old car running?
In my opinion, everything is worth the effort as long as you care about it. An old car requires some DIYs, a bit of routine and money.

thing, but that doesn’t make you wholly independent. Independence comes when you can do things on your own or something on which there is no co-independence. Likewise, taking care of your car is also your responsibility.
We maintain a budget for so many things, then why not to keep up with the car budget too, putting separately $80-$100 every month is a smart move as maintenance of a car is a recurring expense

Track down a mechanic; you can count on

A trusted person will always give you authentic opinions, eliminate overspending, good work and can be a saviour too.

Drive cautiously

This is the most important one. You got to leave your bad habits- shutting down an engine on red lights to save fuel, speed limits matters, don’t get lost with your GPS far- in case you don’t know the directions, avoid adding up to your ride.

Be smart, and have goodness with zero risk

Try to detect an Autozone near you, and they will diagnose it, for free whether you need to go for servicing or it’s a repair you can do yourself. Because sometimes they blur the reality and overcharge from you.

The tasks to get your hands on

There are some DIYs that you can perform smoothly at home instead of visiting stores for car repairs and save out of the world expenses. Still, again every car is different and demands independent maintenance better to check your owner's manual. Things like- changing a spare tire, cleaning battery, replacing the oil and oil filter, brake pads, applying new windshield wipers, Check your coolants, spark plugs, etc. There are hundreds of platforms that exist, and are the ocean of knowledge you can absorb for instance- youtube, Udemy, Repairpal, websites like- AA1car.com, Auto service manual, etc. and yes there will be things you won’t be able to do, ditch that.

Don’t procrastinate to get your car insured

Insurance is a must. I mean what worse than meeting in an accident or bump somewhere hard. If you are guaranteed, it will cover all your damages under their policy and pay the amount accordingly; this is like heaven in a problematic situation. It has more benefits too- like getting stranded along the roadside, these people will tow your vehicle and fund for damages.


Don’t skip the routine maintenance. Try to own your vehicle for as long as possible. It may be old, even be ugly, but if you take good care of your car, it could pay you back in significant ways. But remember when it's time to break up with it too. Frugally maintaining your vehicle will ensure you get lots of years out of your vehicles.

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