Maintaining your own swimming is an easy task but it takes time and it must be done on a regular basis. One option is to hire a pool company such as any pool company in Harrison twp. However, you can also take care of your pool by yourself. If you want to try that and you are wondering how to properly maintain your pool, just follow the next instructions. With them, you will be able to keep a clean swimming pool that will last you a long time. 

Recommendations to maintain your pool as best as possible

  • Twice a week :
  1. Empty the skimmer basket and make sure to clean the swimming pool for any insects, leaves and other floating debris from the pool surface.
  2. Use a test kit or test strips in order to maintain and check your swimming pool water balance. The most important fact to know is that the pH levels of the pool must always be between 7.4 - 7.6.
  3. Maintain and test the chlorine level. It should be between 1.0 to 3.0 ppm. The chlorine is there in order to kill any bacteria, algae spores and small insects in your swimming pool. You can find chlorine in liquid form but also in tablets form. Chlorine pool tablets are premeasured and dissolve over time. When choosing a chlorine pool tablet, make sure to check the size, type, amount, dissolving speed and safety measures.
  • Once a week :
  1. To prevent algae growth add a dose of algae preventer. Additionally, it is recommended to use metal control products as well as clarifiers on a regular basis. By doing so, your swimming pool will be able to run smoothly.
  2. Clean your pool every week. Use a pool vacuums to clean floors and don’t forget to brush the walls. At the water line, clean the tile with tile cleaner. If you don’t have time to do this by yourself you can also buy an automatic pool cleaner that will work without your help once it’s set.
  3. It will also be really important to shock your swimming pool by adding the recommended amount of products. If you’re not sure how much to put inside your pool, just ask to your pool professional such as any pool company in Harrison twp.
  • Monthly
  1. For a complete swimming pool chemicals analysis, take a water sample from your pool and go to the nearest water testing service. Testing your water will help maintain a nice balance of chemicals in your swimming pool as well as avoiding algae growth in order to keep your water clean. Improper water can cause hair discoloration and eye irritation to yourself. Moreover, it will damage your pool on the long term.
  2. Take care of your filter cleaner by removing any grease and oils that may have accumulated in this spot. A clean filter cleaner will guarantee a clean swimming pool. Thanks to that, your pool will last longer and you won’t have any body issues because of an improper water.
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