Forex trading is being called the best home based business of 21st century. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can trade forex from anywhere in the world. The problem is most people don’t know how to trade forex. Learning forex trading is not easy. It requires time, patience and effort. Most people lack the time to learn and master forex trading.

Now, if you want to make money with forex but lack the time to learn it, read this article where I provide a very easy method for you to make $10,000 per month with forex. In the last few years many pro traders have started their own forex signals services that provide trading signals to their subscribers via email and sms.

Last year, an interesting development took place when trade copier software was developed. This trade copier software lets you copy the trade of these pro traders onto your own account the instant they are made. Now, what this means is that the pro trader is going to do all the market analysis, decide what currency pairs to trade and when to enter and exit the market. You don’t need to do any of the stuff above.

The moment the pro trader will make the trade, the trade copier software will instantly copy that trade onto your trading account. So, if the pro trader makes a winning trade, you also make a winning trade and if the pro trader makes a losing trade, you also make a losing trade.

This is how you are going to setup your system. Make a list of top three forex signals services in the market that come with a trade copier software. Make sure that these forex signals services have a 60 days money back guarantee. This way you can test the quality of these forex signals on your demo account and if you don’t feel satisfied, you can go for a refund.

Now, try the best forex signals service in your opinion on your demo account. You can open a demo account within five minutes. Install the trade copier software and start copying the trades made by the pro trader. At the end of the month, evaluate the performance of the forex signals made by the pro trader. If not satisfied, go for a refund.

Try another service. After making one or two more tries, you will be able to find a good forex signals service. Most pro traders make around 1000 pips per month. 1 pip on a standard account is equal to $10. 1000 pips per month means making $10,000 per month. Just make sure you test the signals for at least two months on your demo account before you start trading live.

Using this simple method you don’t need to master the nitty gritty of forex trading. Of course you should know some basics of forex trading. That you can learn online FREE. Most of that information is available FREE online. Using the trade copier software means that you don’t need to be near your computer all the time. The trade copier software will automatically copy the trades. Good Luck!

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Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies. Try the Forex Hercules Signals and Trade Replication Service and Vladimir Ribakov's Forex Signals & Mentoring Service RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account.