This salmon bagel roll is a classic roll with salmon, cream cheese, and green onion, and is great for any sushi menu. This roll can be enjoyed as an excellent party starter or as a complete meal. It's healthy, deliciously spicy, and smoky, and it's definitely a favorite sushi classic. Enjoy this bun with salmon, cream cheese and green onion.

Presentation: Square black plates are always my favorites, but you can really put them in a beautiful design on any type of plate you prefer.

Bagel rolls are more commonly known as classic sushi and are easy to make. Make sure the sushi mat is tucked into a clean one-gallon zip-lock plastic bag before creating the salmon roll to make sure the sushi-prepared rice doesn't stick to the mat. Start with a half sheet of roasted seaweed, as is common with sushi recipes that have three ingredients. Place the Nori (seaweed) on the plastic-covered sushi mat and add a handful of steamed rice prepared for sushi. Generously sprinkle the two types of sesame seeds, both black and toasted, over the sushi-prepared rice to taste. Be careful not to add too many seeds as they can easily overload the roll. These two seeds can be added and mixed on their own shaker, but I prefer to keep mine in the separate containers they came in. These seeds add a wonderful flavor to the top of the bagel roll and provide a more satisfying presentation.

Turn Nori's sheet over. Add the cream cheese bar, cut directly from the block, and pinch to stretch and cover the entire area of ​​the salmon roll. Cream cheese really ties it all together and green onions give it that spicy flavor that appeals to many. Spread the green onions evenly and slightly to taste throughout the cream cheese section. Distribute the salmon slice evenly on the bun as well, making sure each bite produces a spectacular combination of salmon, sweet cream cheese, and spicy green onion. I roll the filling with my fingers, press it down and then twist it to seal it, and then press it down again to make it firm.

Now is the time to cut our masterpiece. Make sure you have the clean, damp cloth on hand so the knife can be cleaned between cuts. Cut the sushi roll in half, and then each side in half, and then half again until there are eight uniform pieces. This muffin is one of my personal favorites as it brings smoked salmon, sweet cream cheese, and spicy green onions in one place for an overwhelmingly satisfying taste bud creation.

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This salmon bagel roll is a classic roll with salmon, cream cheese, and green onion, and is great for any sushi menu.