If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift idea, why not try a fruit bouquet? 

Fruit kebabs and fruit bouquets make not only fun and healthy snacks, they make a great gift idea too! They’re easy to make, too. All you need is some fresh fruit and cookie cutters to make pretty cut-out shapes. 

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to turn humble fruit into a work of art! Just follow our easy tips on how to make an amazing DIY fruit bouquet that will wow your friends. 

Pre-made Fruit Bouquets 

If you’re short on time, why not buy a pre-made arrangement? While making your own fruit arrangement is easy, you might not always have the time before a party or major event. 

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What You’ll Need to DIY a Fruit Bouquet 

There are a few variations on how to make fruit bouquets but they all share these common ingredients and equipment: 

  • Bamboo skewers. These are expensive and usually avaiòable at any supermarket or party store

  • Cookie cutters. The best shapes are simple ones - think hearts, flowers and stars. 

  • A small vase to store your arrangement

  • A variety of fresh fruit. Choose whatever looks good at the supermarket but we recommend choosing at least one melon to cut out fruit shapes 

How to Assemble Your Fruit Kebabs

The easiest way to assemble a fruit kebab doesn't even require any cookie cutters. Just thread a variety of fruit onto the skewers. You can use whole berries, slices of banana, or chunks of mango.

That’s all it takes!

To bring your fruit kebabs to the next level, you can add fun, cookie cutter shapes. The trick is to cut your melon into a thickness that is slightly less thick than the cookie cutter. This will enable you to cut all the way through the melon without it falling apart. 

Some fruits that make good kebabs include: 

  • Small berries, like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. You don’t even need to cut them, just skew them directly as they are.

  • Melon and pineapple. It’s the easiest fruit to cut into shapes. 

  • Banana. Just slice it into small discs before adding into your skewer

  • Grapes

  • Kiwis can be sliced into thick discs and then skewed 

If making a healthy bouquet is important to you, you can learn about the tastiest and healthiest fruits right here. 

Once you’ve cut out your shapes, add those to the skewers along with other fruits. You can even add the fruit to melted dark chocolate and let it completely dry before skewering. Make sure you alternate colors and shapes to make the best designs. 

Turn Your Kebabs into a Bouquet

Once you’ve mastered the art of making kebabs, you can easily turn them into a fruit bouquet. All you need to do is find a vase with a sturdy bottom to hold your bouquet. Just break off a few skewers off at the bottom to help the base stay sturdier. 

If you’re planning on using heavy fruit like melon or pineapple, try to place it near the bottom to avoid the vase tipping over. 

You can even get creative and use an edible vase. Cut an apple and lay it with the flat side down. You can then use the apple as a base to insert the skewers into. 

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