A swing in the garden is an invitation to play for children and a temptation to rest for of the elderly.

Simple: With A Wooden Board And A Rope

It is not the safest swing, but it is the easiest to ride if we just want to swing from the branches of a tree. Wooden Garden Swings are made by drilling four holes and these holes are tied with a thick rope that is suspended from a tree branch. This swing should be mounted on large trees with sturdy branches, capable of supporting a person's weight when swinging.

To take into account: It is important for the safety of the swing to reinforce the seat with two wooden slats at the bottom. 

Double: With Legs To Install In The Garden

The seat of this double swing has a structure for two seats. Building an independent structure to hang the swings can be placed in any corner of the garden. The legs of the swing are mounted with two wooden slats joined in a square and joined with a crossbar at the top of which the swings hang. The legs are nailed in the garden with metal fasteners to prevent it from falling when children swing.

To consider: The swing must be anchored on the garden floor with a concrete base. It is necessary to make some holes in the ground reinforced with metal rods to increase the fixation, in which the metal supports of the swing are introduced and filled with concrete.

A Swing Made With Pallets

This particular swing is made with pallets. In addition, this swing can be bigger because there are pallets of different sizes. If we choose to make a large swing we must be careful to reinforce the structure with slats on the sides and in the center as it will have to hold more weight.

Moreover, you can use a Companion Seat with this swing to give your outdoor a cosy look.

We will need the following materials:

  • Rope
  • An old chair
  • Sandpaper
  • Pickling
  • Drill machine
  • White glue for wood

Step by Step

1- The first thing we will do is disassemble the chair and leave only the seat and backrest.

2- Then we will proceed to place the sand on the entire surface. This step is important and we should do our best not to leave any splinters and remove all the varnish or paint that the chair had.

3- After sanding it, we will clean the surface well with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

4- Now we will proceed to attached the rope to the chair. To do this we can do it in several ways: with a simple knot, making some holes and introducing the rope through them or using some rings. 

5- It is time to paint, here you can let your imagination fly and create a drawing if you dare to it. Keep in mind where you are going to place the swing so that it fits in with the surroundings. And we will have to use exterior wood paint.

6- Once the entire surface dries, we will pass the rope through the holes we have made before and we will hold it on the branch or beam we have selected. Make very strong knots and use a strong rope. Keep in mind that the knots in the chair are at the back or bottom so that they do not bother you when sitting down.

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