How To Make A Girl Come: How To Satisfy Any Woman By Giving Her Multiple Orgasms - How Many Times Can A Woman Come In 24 Hours

Even though the female orgasm feels like it is a puzzle that you can never solve, it is actually quite simple to make a girl come. It doesn't have to be as difficult as you are making it out to be. It is easy to give a girl pleasure and you can do it with these female orgasm secrets revealed to you today.

To make a girl come, it is all about getting her in the right state of mind. Women take their pleasure very seriously, and this means that you have to be serious as well. You have to make her feel comfortable to get her in the mood for orgasm. You have to get her aroused far before you touch her and this is the biggest secret to giving her pleasure. The more anticipation you create for her, the bigger and stronger her orgasm will be.

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Another tip that you must know is that you have to treat her body with care. Even though you can be rough with her when you are having sex with her, when you are touching her to bring her to climax, you really have to slow things down. You have to be prepared to be gentle with her and to be soft with her body. For a lot of men this can be really difficult, but if you can learn how to slow it down, then you will be able to make a woman come.

Women love a romantic intimacy feeling when it comes to their orgasm so you should also be very soft spoken and romantic with her. Make a spectacle out of giving her pleasure and she will respond well to this. She wants to feel pampered and she wants to feel special, even in the bedroom. She is wanting you to be this certain kind of man that she has envisioned in her mind so make her biggest fantasy come true and you will definitely be able to give her amazing pleasure.

There is nothing sexier than watching a woman orgasm and knowing that you are the reason behind it. If you want to make this happen to your woman tonight and if you want to share this experience with her, then you need to follow these tips because they will truly transform your ability to please your woman sexually and even outside of the bedroom as well.

You can make a girl come and you can give her one of the best orgasms of her life. Be the man tonight.

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To give your woman great sex, you need to be giving her VAGINAL ORGASMS during intercourse.

Vaginal orgasms occur when you are penetrating your woman and not rubbing her clitoris. Only 30% of women have had this type of orgasm and they are described as mind-blowing by those women.

So if you want to give your woman really great sex, read on now and use these SEX POSITIONS to give your woman powerful vaginal orgasms...

1. Missionary With A Thin Pillow Under Her Back

The missionary sex position is as basic as it gets...

Your woman lies flat on her back with her legs open and you lie between her legs and have intercourse.

To use the missionary position with a thin pillow under your woman's back -- put the pillow in place, then have her lie back and then begin intercourse (don't try to put the pillow under her back one you are already having intercourse because it's awkward to do).

Now you must be thinking:

"Adam, what's with the pillow?"

And that's a good question -- the answer being that it changes the angle of your woman's body and makes it easier for you to hit her G-Spot and Deep Spot during penetration and those are exactly the spots you need to be hitting to give her a vaginal orgasm.

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2. Your Woman Laying On Her Front, Pillow Under Her Stomach

This is another great sex position.

This time you'll put a pillow on the bed and have your woman lay her stomach on top of it.

Then you penetrate her from behind.

You can experiment with thin and thick pillows and see which works best.

Whatever pillow you use, just know that this is a very good position to use if you want to give your woman an orgasm during intercourse.

3. Doggy-Style

Doggy-Style can be done kneeling or stood up.

Basically, your woman bends over, arches her lower back and you penetrate her from behind. Regardless of whether or not you do this stood up or kneeling -- it is a very good position to use to 'get your woman off' and give her the big "O".

So there you have it...

3 great sex positions that you can use to give your woman powerful vaginal orgasms. Try them out the next time you get naughty with your woman and she how she responds.

One thing is guaranteed -- when you give your woman this type of orgasm... she'll consider you absolutely awesome in bed.

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Sex is the most essential and exciting activity that couples like to indulge in. This activity allows you to intimately enjoy each others company and have great pleasure while doing so. Making your lass orgasm is like showing her the doors of heaven. You need to use smart tactics to make her orgasm. A longish foreplay and some great sex positions will help her orgasm more than once.

Here are four stunning tactics that will make a girl orgasm.

Begin the heavenly ride by following good foreplay techniques. Before you arouse her physically, you need to trigger her mentally otherwise she will find it hard to orgasm. Use sweet words to lift her mood and caress her body. Run your fingers all over her body including her genitals.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Positions play an important role in making her orgasm. There are various positions to try out to make the most from this act. The popular doggy style is the most effective way to make her climax not once but multiple times. Just get on your knees and ask her to bend down. Slowly insert from behind and see her moan.

Finding her g spot also helps in making her orgasm many times over. G spot is the most sexually sensitive part of a woman's body. It is situated an inch or two inside her vagina. By inserting two of your longest fingers you can reach it and stimulate her to an orgasm. Your fingers should be clean and nails manicured or else it will hurt her.

Having sex in the bathtub is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy it. It is said that lovemaking in water adds to the level of excitement. Have a bottle of sparking wine and two glasses next to the tub. Do lots of naughty things before you eventually penetrate and bring her to an earth shattering orgasm.

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Everybody has heard, though probably not found, the famous g-spot - that ultimate trigger of pleasure that boosts up a woman's feelings to ultimate bliss. This primary spot is the one that gives women the opportunity to reach not just one, but numerous orgasms in a row. Find out how this works by reading on...

How To Give Your A Woman An Intense And Deeply Satisfying Orgasm (Using G-Spot Stimulation)

Tip #1: Locate It Accurately. Finding the female G-spot isn't as easy as pie as some men think. In fact, many men have problems finding it since it isn't exactly a visible spot of the female body. Fortunately, methods do exist that can help a man find it and know for sure that it is being touched. In a nutshell, the female G-spot is located at the inner vaginal opening near the top of it. Its texture is ribbed, similar to that of the mouth's roof.

It would be much simpler for you to locate the G-spot if the woman you are fondling is lying down. You need to keep in mind that it cannot be seen, though, so you have to gauge a woman's reactions to guide you in figuring out whether you have reached the right spot yet or not. Once you touch it, your woman will begin to moan without he utmost pleasure and her facial expressions will display nothing but the utmost ecstasy in them.

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Tip #2: Partial Recline Technique. One other easy way to reach the G-spot would be to have the woman sit in a position that is partly reclined. After that, insert your finger into her vagina with your palm up. Then, just move your finger in a come-hither motion; this should make you hit her G-spot perfectly.

Tip #3: Do It From Behind. If you wish to reach the female G-spot with your penis during actual sexual intercourse, the ideal position to go for would probably be doggy style. Once again, however, you will need to watch her reactions as you enter her. If you keep things going like this for a while, any woman will reach orgasm in no time and when she does, you will definitely know for certain that you have properly stimulated the female G-spot.

Tip #4: Let Her Ride. Another sexual position you could opt for to properly hit the female G-spot would be the "cow girl" position, where you lie down as she sits on top of you. This will make the woman move in exactly the right way for you to trigger it. You might not have the power to tell what the difference is through your penis. However, the minute she begins to moan and reach multiple orgasms, you will have a clue!

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