OK, guys, YOU ALL KNOW that being a nerd isn’t really a turn on. Chicks don’t dig nerds. Well, at least not until they get rich. But until then, these guys will spend MANY HOURS trying to figure out: “How to make a girl like you?”.

There are a lot of nerds out there. Many of you guys are nerds. Some of you admit it, some don’t. But, even if you’re not a nerd, I think that you can imagine how HARD it is for them to attract HOT GIRLS. Just try to remember: When is the last time you’ve seen that some sexy girl has a nerd for boyfriend?

Because of this, life can often be very frustrating for guys who get classified as “nerds”. Some of these guys have a great potential to make it BIG in life, and it’s a shame that this kind of FRUSTRATION can prevent them from fulfilling that potential.

So, how to make a girl like you if you are a nerd?

SIMPLY. By turning one of their greatest weaknesses into an advantage. Intelligence. Most nerds are really smart. Girls like SMART GUYS. There’s just one thing, in order to be attractive, smart guys need to be interesting as well. How?
Most nerds are OBSESSED about some things. Either it’s Star Wars, architecture, physics, math, psychology, … Girls will RARELY show interest for their passions. But, if they manage to make it interesting, to separate the boring from fascinating, they will awake girl's curiosity. And, how can they accomplish that?

Well, you MUST REALIZE that most of people DON’T CARE about the details, about the scientific terms and theories. You must find out what people find interesting about that thing you’re passionate about. Next, you must learn how to talk to people the best, and how to tell a story. You can do that be reading or listening to some great speakers or actors. Or by attending a PUBLIC SPEAKING course.

The other important thing is that nerds tend to be STIFF, SHY, and NOT THAT CONFIDENT. You need to change all that. You need to find out how to relax, be open and talkative, active, and gain some confidence. To do this, you must constantly meet new people, do new stuff, simply break your life’s patterns and enrich your life. If you think YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM with this, be sure to check out my blog regularly for new articles which will help you GAIN CONFIDENCE and give you guides to changing your life for the better.

Next, THE LOOKS. If you have glasses, buy some cool-looking ones, or buy lens. Look at what the “trendsetters” are wearing, and try to mix your unique style with what’s popular. And be sure you look DAMN GOOD in those clothes. Also, hit the gym! Most nerds aren’t athletic at all, and if you wander how to make a girl like you, this is one of the MOST IMPORANT issues. You don’t need to have a body like an NBA player, but having some muscles (especially abs, arms and shoulders) is VERY ATTRACTIVE to girls.

Ok, I think this helped you if you were looking to find out how to make a girl like you if you are a nerd. This isn’t an issue with a simple solution. There are a lot of details you must find out in order to improve your LOVE LIFE, but, unfortunately I couldn’t get more into details than I did in this article.

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