How to Make a Girl Wet in Seconds: How to Arouse a Woman the Right Way

For some men, they just stumble and fumble in the bedroom when it comes to getting a woman aroused. A lot of women are very sensitive in the bedroom and even the slightest mistake can turn them off. If you are too serious in the bedroom, that is a turn off, as well as being too lighthearted and fun. You need to find the right balance.

You want to know how to get a girl wet in seconds. You want to be able to learn some female arousal techniques that are going to have her begging for your touch. You want to be desirable in her eyes and you want her to feel aroused for you. You want to feel sexy and you want to feel like she is sexually attracted to you.

There are many female arousal techniques that you need to learn today if you expect to be able to keep your woman happy and satisfied in the bedroom. If you expect her to crave you, then you need to be able to master these techniques.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

To get a woman wet in a matter of seconds, the easiest way is to create anticipation in her body. You want to build up the sexual tension deep inside of her because that makes her crave you and want you. The more she wants you but the more you resist the urge to give in, the more aroused she will become.

It is a wise idea to work on building this anticipation and tension in her body before you even get her alone. If you are out in public, some discreet touching can really get her going. As well, whispering some dirty things in her ears can also make her feel the tension and anticipation. If you can make her feel this way, then you can expect her to be aroused to the max once you get her home.

Another way to get her aroused to the point of orgasm is to take your time. Teasing her and taking your time on her body can certainly add to the excitement she will feel when she finally gets your touch. When you do touch her, the fireworks are going to go off and her body is literally going to explode!

Use these female arousal techniques on your woman today and you are going to give her an experience that she won't soon forget. She is going to be begging and pleading for your touch, and that is what you want.

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Making love to your girl can become monotonous if you stick to only a couple of positions.

Learn a few new sex positions and wildly surprise your girl as she reaches her orgasm fast and begs you for more.

o You can enhance the humble missionary position by simply placing a pillow below your girl's buttocks. This will enable you to penetrate much more deeply and the revised angle will help you to make contact with her g spot, which in turn will drive her wild with passion.

o Another exciting position is lying sideways with you positioned behind your girl. This position too enables deep penetration as well as offers you a chance to caress her breasts and clitoris. It is also a sensual position since it will enable both of you to slowly rock back and forth and you will both be able to experience an explosive orgasm. The fact that you will be able to hug your girl from behind will be reassuring to her.

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o Your girl can also sit on top of you by either facing towards you or away from you. She can lower herself on your penis and start moving up and down in a slow and rhythmic manner at first. This earth shattering position will allow her to control your thrusts and she will certainly cry out in joy as she embarks on a wild cowboy ride.

o Instead of the usual doggy-style position, you can try another variant that will allow for penetration from behind. Let your girl lie on her stomach as you straddle her thighs and penetrate her from the rear. This position will be loved by both of you as you will have a bird's eye-view of your girl's derriere and she will love it as you might just end up stimulating her g spot with your penis even as you thrust away for a fantastic orgasm.

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Vaginal Orgasms are extremely interesting...

Described by the women who have had them as everything from powerful to 'life-changing' and 'total-body' to more intense and fulfilling than clitoral orgasms and yet -- only 30% of women have ever had a vaginal orgasm and a far smaller percentage of women have them on a regular basis.

So, what's going on?

Clearly vaginal orgasms give women incredible sexual pleasure and yet not very many women have experienced them.

Well, let me clear one thing up straight away -- every woman can have a vaginal orgasm. So the reason why so few have is not because they are genetically gifted or lucky in some way.

No, no, no... the real reason why so few women have had a vaginal orgasm is because most men are lousy lovers. Many men don't care about their women's sexual pleasure and some just lack the knowledge required to 'get a woman off' without stimulating her clitoris.

Here's the thing... if you want to give your woman so much SEXUAL PLEASURE that it brings tears to her eyes -- you need to give her vaginal orgasms.

Indeed, the first time a woman experiences this type of climax or when she has a particularly powerful one -- it is not uncommon for her to get emotional and cry tears of joy.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

When you give your woman a gift like that, she'll truly think of you as 'the best she's ever had'.

The question is, how do you make such sexual pleasure a reality for your woman?

Well, keep reading and you'll find out.

There are several ways to give a woman a vaginal orgasm and I'll share one of the best with you right now...

The G-Spot Orgasm

You can give your woman a G-Spot Orgasm using your fingers, your 'little chap' or a sex toy.

I highly recommend starting with your fingers, so that's the method I'll teach you how to do...

- Make sure your hands are prepared before you do this. They should be clean, with short, very smooth finger nails

- Also make sure you have some lubrication

Next, get your woman extremely turned on and wet and then you can use the technique as follows:

- Have her lay on her back with her legs spread

- Put your middle finger inside her with your palm facing the ceiling

- Locate her G-Spot (1 to 2 inches in and it feels slightly raised, ridged and spongy)

- Stimulate her G-Spot suing a 'come hither' motion

- Find a pressure she enjoys (you might need to use quite a lot) and keep doing it until she has an orgasm

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One main factor that comes with a great game of dating would be the ability in boosting up the sexual energy therein. Men who have no skills in producing sexual energy have very little chances (if any at all) of getting a woman's phone number or going home with her on the same night.

Unfortunately, if this sexual energy isn't present, women will never feel the bonds that are necessary for you to succeed in your game. Here are the secrets in producing powerful sexual energy through mere conversation. Read on...

How to Boost a Woman's Sexual Longing for You in an Instant

Secret #1: Stares of Sensuality. This secret is very good; just try it out for yourself a couple of times to see what I mean!

Whenever you talk to a woman, you should concentrate on staring at her left eye. Then, after a while, start staring at her mouth. Then, after that, stare at her right eye. In the woman's subconscious, she should be able to tell right away that you are longing to kiss her. If she allows this, this could lead to close touching, which could eventually lead to somewhere else.

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Secret #2: Expert Teases. This would be the guaranteed secret in building up the right amount of sexual energy during conversation and works especially well on women that you have just met.

In order to succeed with these teases, you need to do them playfully and concentrate on nothing but her actions. There are several kinds of teases that you need to stay away from, though, such as teases that involve a woman's appearance. Doing this will merely make you look like a jerk and destroy your overall chances in an instant. When done properly, however, teases can produce frustrating feelings within a woman and make her feel sexual anticipation in your presence.

Secret #3: Masculinity. Are you a real man? If so, stop being ashamed of this fact. A lot of men tend to hide their real intentions when it comes to women. Ironically, doing this merely makes them seem creepier, if anything.

You should never feel bad when it comes to experiencing manly desires. In fact, if anything, you should channel your manly sexual energy and put it to use during your conversations with your woman of choice. Let your manliness show through your manner of talking and manner of moving at all times and you will succeed.

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