No one wants to be lied to, cheated on, or dumped. If your relationship with a man has come to an end, you may be wondering how to make him regret losing you. Your intentions may be those of revenge or you may be looking for a way to get him to take you back. Alternatively, you may just want to prove to yourself that you're worth more and deserve better.

Regardless of your intentions, you can make him regret losing you and become utterly irresistible to virtually all men at the same time.

How To Make A Man Regret Losing You

First, seeking revenge on a man who dumped you is not recommended. While revenge may seem like a valid reason for making a man regret losing you, it generally has the reverse effect and ends up making you look like an immature, pouting princess.

Making a man miss you and making him feel like he has lost someone special isn't about revenge. It's about becoming the most desirable, most attractive woman you can be. It's about proving that you don't need a man to know your own self-worth.

Here are a few tips to make your man kick himself for losing you that have the added benefit of making you utterly irresistible to virtually all men.

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Change Your Look

Giving yourself a new look can have a dramatic effect on making a man regret losing you. Get a new hairstyle. Try a new perfume. Find some clothes that fit you amazingly well.

Although physical appearance does matter to most men, that's not what this is about. Think of it like this. Have you ever been out to a bar or club and watched people come in the door? Have you ever noticed certain people who just look important by their appearance and the way they carry themselves?

When you take care of your appearance, you give off signals that you are valuable and someone important even when people know nothing about you. A few small changes can make you become a totally new person in your man's eyes. You become someone he instantly wishes he had back.

Remain Confident And Happy

If you want a man to deeply desire you, then you must remain confident, happy, and independent. You should be out spending time with friends and enjoying life. You should meet new people and go on dates with other men. Seeing that you're not looking back and are living your life to the fullest with or without a man in your life is one sure-fire way to make him regret losing you.

Become Less Available

If you want a man to pull his hair out over losing you, then become less available. Don't answer every time he calls. Don't immediately respond to his text messages. Don't do favors for him or rush to his side every time he shows an interest in you.

It's not about being mean. It's about letting him know in a subtle way that you have your own life and your world doesn't revolve around him like it used to. Remember, people always want what they can't have. When you stay just out of his reach while mastering the art of becoming a truly desirable woman, you'll have him and every man scrambling for your attention.

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There's an old saying that boys will be boys. What does this mean not paying attention to their girlfriend, drinking beer all night and smelling up every room in the apartment? Well, if you do happen to miss all those traits follow these tips on how to make your boyfriend want you back.

Step 1: Make Others Want You: The best way to catch the eye of a former flame is to catch the eye of everybody else. You'll garner some attention with a subtle new hairstyle or a new carefree attitude.

Step 2: Drop Bad Habits For Good: Do you think a guy would rather date a girl who walks around with her tobacco spit cup in tow or one who bakes with her family? Dropping your bad habits for better ones is a great lifestyle choice and not one intended just to get a dude back.

Step 3: Walk With Confidence If you're constantly moping around town, your boyfriend will know you still want him. If you're seen laughing and having a generally good time, he'll think, "Wait a minute, she's supposed to be in mourning over losing me." Have confidence in yourself and you can be confident he'll want you back.

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Step 4: Drop The Love Meter A Few Levels: Your boyfriend will think you'll always be there if you present him with a cookie and a daffodil every morning. It's alright to be nice but remember the less you appear to want him, the more he'll want you.

Step 5: Saying No: He's probably telling his friends that he could get back with you anytime he feels like it so throw a wrench in his plans by refusing his date requests. Make sure to be nice about it and just explain to him that you already made plans or really need to get some things done around the house.

Step 6: Be A Cool Chick When it comes to what guys look for in a girl, most will say they'd prefer a cool gal over a smoking hot one. Even if you are hot, boost your persona by being cool as well. Have fun, joke with your ex, dress nice, and don't be a stalker to improve your cool factor.

Step 7: Sometimes It's Just Not There: You can do a million things on your end but the sad truth is that sometimes he truly 'is just not that into you.' If that's the case, don't worry because you can bet you've made yourself more attractive to tons of potential suitors just by becoming single.

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If you thought wrangling in your boyfriend and getting used to his bad habits and freeloading friends the first time was tough, you'll really have your work cutout for you in round two. Hopefully, these tips on how to get back together with your boyfriend can grease the transition.

Step 1: Admission of Guilt: Much like a courtroom, sometimes in order to get back together with a boyfriend you'll have to admit you were in the wrong. Hopefully, he respects this and instead makes a plea deal with you that he wasn't exactly Mr. Romance himself.

Step 2: 'Like' Somebody Else: You can get your boyfriend back if you talk to him about your intentions to go after somebody else. Make sure enough time has passed and don't name any people individually but a guy won't be able to stand it if you say, "If you think we're over with, do you care if I start hanging out with other dudes."

Step 3: Go A Country Mile Basically, put some distance between you and your boyfriend because if you're always answering the door to his 3AM drunk texts, he'll never get back into a serious relationship with you. If you go a few weeks without talking, he'll hopefully realize how much he misses you.

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Step 4: Move Away: If your boyfriend or now ex-boyfriend is the only thing holding you back in this one horse town, make the big decision to move away. You don't have to leave forever but maybe you're just stuck in a rut right now and plenty of people haven't found their true identity until they went from the country to the city or vice-versa.

Step 5: Last Night In Town: Here's where you might have to make the decision of whether to blow up the plane in order to save the citizens. Your boyfriend might make a big pitch to you right before you leave and you have to truly judge whether he's sincere or just trying to get some action before you leave.

Step 6: New & Improved No matter if you stay in your current situation and get back with your boyfriend or move on to explore new horizons, make sure to keep stepping up the stairs of your life. Don't fall prey to monotony and don't settle for anything less than that which makes you happy.

Step 7: Keep It Up: When you get a new perm, you don't immediately throw on a Santa hat or dive into the ocean because your new look takes maintenance. Likewise, your fresh relationship or living situation needs upkeep as well and for your own benefit try not to get lazy.

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You've just gone through a break up and wonder how you'd get over it or accept it in your stride when you're already missing him/her and want them to come back. Your ex has been part of you so long that you feel a sense of vacancy. But with these crazy tips you will get them back.

Block out all communication
Communication is the last thing that anyone wants especially with one's ex. You just don't want to be reminded about things that have gone wrong between you two and the lesser the memories the better. So just give him/her all the quiet and space they need.

As with communication, so with sight
If your ex would prefer not to be contacted or communicated with then so also they would like not to see you around. So just ensure you don't by accident also, bump into them. And if you know that he/she is likely to be invited to a particular party then you refrain from accepting.

Let the curtains rise
See that you've done all you can to make your self a new person both physically and personality wise before the curtains rise on you. So enter the stage where your ex should also be, so they see the new you and be taken aback by who you are now.

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Use your charm or appeal
Walk up to your ex and appreciate how well they look and congratulate them on whatever they may have achieved of late if you know of any changes in their lives. Make them feel good around you, yet do not get intimate with them so soon. Just be friendly.

Be the center of attraction
Charm everybody around into making you popular and the center of attraction. Let them flock around you. Be jovial and cheerful with your charming and hilarious talk. Keep them in splits of laughter and acknowledge their fun and excitement.

Magnetize your ex
You might now find the time appropriate to hold your ex's attention completely. Mesmerize them magnetically so that nothing else catches their attention or is able to distract them. You will find your magic work on them and draw them to you as a magician would.

Study your ex's inclination
You should be able to distinguish your ex's inclination to you and whether they want to return to you right away or wish to hold back longer. If it is the latter, then do not push the issue but just walk away from the situation as though nothing is amiss.

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