When working online it's important to know how to make a mailing list responsive to your promotional efforts! Having a responsive list is one of the best ways to grow your business but if they lack interest in what you offer you're wasting your time! If you intend to promote your business using email there are 3 things you can do as an internet marketer to increase the receptivity of your subscribers!

Thank Them

As simple as a thank you may seem it is quite common for an internet marketer to go into a 'full blown' promotional assault! It is wise and always suggested that your first correspondence is simply a thank you for subscribing and checking to be sure they received whatever giveaway you may have promised! You also want to 'reassure' people that your intent is to help and assist them wherever you can and that you will be sending them information of interest that they can use and all at no cost! In this way you have set the stage for them to open up future emails from you! Remember that establishing good relations is the BEST way to promote your business!

Build a Relationship

Now that the 'channels' of communication have been opened with any new subscriber you want to focus more on developing a casual relationship. Resist the temptation to try and make a fast sale since these people can unsubscribe at any time. You want to get them relaxed and feeling good about joining your list and the more successful you are the easier it will be to promote your business to them later! Ask questions that show an interest in what they are concerned with or how you can help them and offer advice whenever possible! Just remember to be sociable and in this way you will be less threatening and more reassuring to people!

Deliver on Promise

Since these people responded to an ad or offer of yours you already know what they're interested in so send them relevant and useful information. Remember that you promised to do so in your first contact so show you can be trusted to do so! The more loyal list members become to you the easier it will be to successfully promote to them which will help to grow your business. Once again exercise some reserve and patience insofar as you do not and should not promote your business with every contact you make!

There are measures you can take to make a mailing list more responsive to your messages if you intend to promote your business to them! The 3 approaches discussed above all focus around developing a casual and helpful type of relationship with your subscribers! In doing so as an internet marketer you will experience an increase in your sales conversions when you do make product offers to these people! By establishing more of a 'give and take' type of relationship with list members you will find email marketing is a very efficient way to grow your business online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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