Do you want to find out how to make a man want you? While it doesn't involve any love potions or magic spells, it does involve some common sense, a lot of confidence, and several tricks of the trade.

Despite the fact that every man out there is unique, you need to understand that there are several things that will turn off every single man out there. Here are 3 myths that you shouldn't believe in order to make a man want you in no time.

Myth Number One: Men Prefer "Those Kinds of Girls".

While a lot of men do double-takes whenever a woman walks by showing a ton of skin, that doesn't necessarily mean that they want to be with a woman like that. The truth is that men don't really value women who seem to easy to get. Why should they, anyway? Being easy doesn't make you unique or special. Plus, if you don't pose a challenge and just jump into bed with a man right away, he is sure to lose interest in you right away.

Of course, if your only goal is to have sex with a man, then you can stop reading right now. Any woman can put on skimpy clothing and jump into bed with a man. However, if you are looking for a proper relationship, then being one of those girls won't help you out - that's for sure!

Myth Number Two: Men Like Women Who are Low-Maintenance.

Truth be told, men don't like women are needy pushovers. It may be true that the term 'low-maintenance' is subjective, but if you are always too scared to speak your mind and tell men what you want, then men will never respect you. You have to be a challenge every now and then, if you want to make a man want you - remember that.

Myth Number Three: Men Love Attention.

While men love getting compliments and knowing that women value their time, they don't like women who follow them around all day, call and text them every few minutes, and practically stalk them to no end. In fact, this will make any man run for the hills!

Although there are no rules on the amount of times that you can actually call, text or email a man, you do need to practice some restraint if you want to make a man want you. Just because you have his number doesn't give you the right to strangle him with attention.

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