How To Make A Marriage Last A Lifetime: How To Make Your Marriage Work

When we get married, we always want to last it forever. No one signs the papers, thinking, "this is going to end one day, anyway." If you want it to end, then why would you get married in the first place? But, it's interesting to note that, more than half of all marriages end in divorce. So it's obvious that the mere wish to do so is not enough on how to make a marriage last.

Making a marriage work is more work than it seems. Marriage is something that covers all your life - you live with someone completely different from you (no matter how compatible you two are) under the same roof, and conflicts will soon appear. Will they turn into fights? Will the fights turn into serious marital problems? In a marriage, there is an unthinkable number of things that can start a fight; squeezing toothpaste from the middle, leaving the oven door open, leaving the lights open, etc. With even those trivial things posing problems, it's no wonder how to make a marriage last is not an easy question to answer.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Marriage tips are plenty. All of them, though, have to do something with respect, and they are right. When you want to talk about an issue, there are different ways with varying respect levels to do that. You could say, "You don't love me anymore!!", or alternatively, you could say, "I feel alone and unloved when you don't show me affection." Both of those things say absolutely the same thing. But the reactions will be incredibly different.

Making a marriage work requires more than a mere wish "that your marriage worked." If you show respect and communicate healthily with your spouse, there is no reason making a marriage last should be impossible. Remember, you both married each other for the simple fact that you loved each other and you wanted to be with each other until the rest of your life. Remembering this will give you strength to try to rekindle your marriage when bad times come.

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Marital problems take their toll on you. A marriage demands devotion and hard work - which makes it all the worse when things are going bad, because it makes you think all the effort you put in your marriage was in vain. However, using the power of outside advice is always very beneficial - it can teach you how to make your marriage work. A woman on the Internet saved my marriage - yes, just online advice saved my marriage which was about to end in divorce. So, let me pass my (very valuable) experience in trying to fix my marriage.

Making marriage work is a very active and involved process. Many couples think that "love" itself can (and should) overcome all problems, and if it doesn't - well, then love wasn't strong enough, and you shouldn't have been married in the first place. Which is so completely wrong. Even true love has to be nurtured and kept alive - we are not living in a dream world in which there are no worldy troubles like going to work, paying the bills and looking after the children. With so many problems around, a couple can very easily get detached from each other. This is why you have to actively keep your love alive. To learn how to make your marriage work, you must understand this - because this is fundamental in improving your marriage and keeping it. Without it, even if you saved your marriage now, in no time problems would overwhelm your relationship again and you might not be so lucky.

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There is no doubt that in order for a marriage to work, there has to be communication. And the type of communication. Are you blaming your husband for everything? Are you sure you aren't? The daily stresses of everyday life might frustrate you so much that you could be venting your anger on your husband even without realizing. Have you been nitpicking? Evaluate yourself well. Have you been eager to start a fight, or shoot back venomously when your husband says the slightest bit of negative thing to you?

To learn how to make your marriage work, you must understand that your husband knows how much you appreciate him. If you are being anything like what I said above, it's easy for him to think you are taking him for granted, and are not really thankful for what he is giving you. So start from today and make an effort so that your husband knows how much you value him and how better off you are, due to him. It takes as little as that for sparking the love again in a relationship and making a marriage work.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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I bet you never imagined your marriage would turn out like this with you looking for information regarding how to fix a broken marriage. Well, welcome to the club because none of us expected to be in the marriage repairing business. There is a way to get out of the habit of fixing your marriage, and it doesn't involve divorce or anything illegal.

Where to start repairing a broken marriage?

Make a list and check it twice. A good place to start fixing your marriage is make a list of all of your issues. That's right, it's confession time. Get yourself in a quite place without looking at your social networking sites and emails etc. Take at least an hour and list out the following.

• What you have done to hurt the relationship.

• What you have avoided doing that has made your marriage difficult.

• Ways you have hurt your spouse or not been supportive.

• Promises you have made and continuously broken.

• Things you have said that were insensitive and mean-spirited to your spouse.

• Lies you have told to your spouse.

• Negative feelings you have about your marriage.

• Different ways you have brushed off your spouse's attempts to get you to work on fixing your broken marriage.

Now, I hope you were honest and able to come up with a few things that you have done that has hurt your marriage and your relationship. What's the point of making such a revealing and horrible list you might be wondering? Well, it's the first step in figuring out how to fix a broken marriage.

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For this marriage repair session, we are going to assume that you represent 50 percent of the marriage. If you can humble yourself for just a minute and acknowledge your faults, apologize to your spouse, and admit that you need help, you will be well on your way to fixing your broken marriage.

I forgot to mention that the only person who should see the list is you. Don't leave it lying around for your spouse to find.

Once you get a good understanding of how much more you could have partnered with your spouse to make your marriage work, it's time for the next step. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse and apologize the right way.

Acknowledge to your spouse how you have contributed to breaking your marriage and not done all you could do to fix your broken relationship. Rely on the list of faults you made and reviewed to speak truthfully and from the heart.

Explain how it has made you feel (broken and disappointed in yourself) and acknowledge how your spouse must feel (angry, resentful etc). This will give your spouse a chance to share with you the frustration he or she is feeling.

Now, if you handle this right you should be off to a good start in figuring out how to fix a broken marriage. Again, one of the most important steps is not just saying you understand but really understanding how you got to this point in your marriage and how it's hurt you and your spouse mentally and emotionally. Just remember, this is about you and your faults. Don't bring up any of the wrongs done by your spouse.

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There are innumerable people who complain about their marital relationships, simply put, many of us are having a troubled marriage. When our relationships with the people we love start to falter, one of the alternatives we seek out is to get out of that relationship. The idea behind this rationale is that remaining in a relationship that is not ideal will not do us any good; rather, it will only wreak havoc in our life. But if you have an option to save the relationship that you're in, would you do it?

What My Troubled Marriage Was Like...

I used to squirm at the fact that my relationship with my wife was going down the drain. Personally, there is something that is really downright disappointing when you begin to realize that you are having a troubled marriage. As ridiculous as it sounds, I was admittedly one of those people who used technology to try to solve marital problems. While that fact alone is a little off on my part, the reality that my wife was seemingly uninterested in fixing our problems made things even worse. Her uncooperativeness at that time was really a great challenge for me.

It was hard for me to work out our problems when it felt like I was the only one who was exerting an effort to save our marriage. Nevertheless, my hard work had paid off. My marriage is saved and my wife and I are happier now than we have ever been. For those people who are discouraged about their troubled marriages, don't worry. There's still hope. There are different approaches that we can use to save relationships but when it comes to marital affairs, I believe that some of the things I learned and tweaked for my own marriage will generally be useful in helping confused married couples.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Here are 3 of the things that I took to heart:

1) I Stopped Trying to Change What I Can't Change - My wife has some points of view that I honestly don't agree with and this is one of the reasons why we often argue. While doing some research, I found out that changing your spouse's way of thinking should not be an option at all. You should not change how another person thinks or acts. By changing how your partner thinks or acts, you are also robbing your partner of the personal space that is vital for his or her growth as a person.

2) I Stopped Asking for Advice from Other People - Seeking advice from other people is seemingly natural, especially if you are in a state of confusion. But then again, the thing that you have to understand is that hearing too many opinions may only confuse you even more. There is also a certain taboo factor in relating the state of your marital affairs to other people because by doing so, the once untainted image of your partner will be replaced with an irreversible negative perception of what he or she is really like.

3) I Stopped Thinking of Divorce as An Alternative

Stop thinking about a way out and start thinking of ways to make your marriage work. Learn and practice the art of giving and taking. Be loving, truthful and learn to compromise so that both your needs will be addressed by each other.

These are just 3 of the things that helped me save my troubled marriage.

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