One of our aspirations in life aside from work success, we also wish for a perfect partner and pray to make a relationship last. Almost all of us actually wish to have those dreams, as in a desire and wish. Life is necessary with support and one good support we can have is the support from a good relationship.Love in the relationship can totally transform you as a person; it can really make a change in your life from negative to positive. When you want a relationship that will last forever, work towards commitment, effort, respect and awareness to change when necessary. However, there are principles that we need to know for a successful relationship.

1. Have a deep connection with your partner.
You need to know everything about your partner, as in you need to be involved knowing him more and more each day. Always find time to do activities together such as cooking, baking, walking, watching television and eating because in that way you will know him more and the connection between the two of you will become stronger.

2. Be able to solve conflict.
It is as always normal when conflict happens in the relationship, some are expected and some are not. It is important that at the beginning, both of you acknowledge the problem. In that way, you will be able to talk about the issues and if you are to be blamed why it happened, accept it whole heartedly and say sorry for what you have done. With recognized conflicts in the relationship, your silence will not help, so better speak up and deal with the problem.
3. Honest communication.
Communication is not just simply an exchange of words, it also needs honesty, openness and respect. Direct communication is essential of all communications because when both of you shares openly your desires, needs, fears and worries, both of you feel that you trust each other.

4. Always have that surprise in the relationship.
Once in a while, surprising your partner is also helpful to make a relationship last.A surprise doesn't need to be big, even small things that come from the heart is enough. Cooking for them is also heartwarming, as they say; “a way to the man’s/girl’s heart is through his stomach”.An element of surprise is so important in a boring relationship as it aids in the bringing back of glow and spark.

5. Share some laughter in the relationship.
Even on the hardest situations, humor is a great therapy. Once in a while, show your partner the funny side of you, throws jokes even if it’s senseless and tickle him until he tickles you back. Both of you might not laugh at your own jokes, but laughing with each other because of becoming stupidly funny is sweeter than ever.

6. Learn the value of compromise.
How you give and take in the relationship can tell whether the relationship will last or not. Never expect more on your relationship because disappointment will happen.Always recognize what is important to your partner as it builds feeling of support and compromise.

7. Expect ups and downs.
It is common in the relationship that problems come and go; sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down.Stressors will always be part and sometimes it can really hit you like big time. So first of all, you need to go into a realization that problems will come and go. So if you know you need some changes in the relationship and might as well to yourself, do so.

Building a relationship is an investment. You need to work for patience, acceptance, trust and willingness to learn and develop new skills. Sometimes, you also have to know that happiness is not an everyday part of relationship.Sometimes, it is beneficial to feel hurt in the relationship because hurting may lead to learning, thus making you value more the relationship. To make a relationship last, you do not need to be perfect but you need to be imperfect so that you will see and learn how you love and how have you been loved despite of what you are because of him.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on Fixing a Broken Relationship.